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Get your makeup ready for spring

You may be ready for spring, but is your makeup bag? It’s time to swap out your usual bag of tricks and freshen things up! Get the scoop on the hottest spring makeup trends right here, and find out what you need to update your look for the change of season.

Spring beauty trends

Bold brows

This spring, eyebrows are bold, but never bushy. So go ahead and cut back on your brow waxing appointments. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking bold brows mean skipping eyebrow maintenance altogether. Unibrows are not sexy. So what tools will you need to achieve a naturally beautiful brow? Yes, you will need tweezers. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. Instead, pluck only the stray hairs that fall outside your brow line. You’ll also want a brow powder or pencil in a shade that’s a touch darker than your brow color to fill in sparse areas.

Beachy tan

Springtime means sunny weather, so by all means, give your face a warm bronze glow. We know your mom and your dermatologist have already drilled this advice into you, but it bears repeating: Skip the harmful effects of a natural tan and always make sure you’ve got your SPF 30 sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat when you’re outside on a sunny day. Instead, give yourself a sun-kissed glow the healthy way. Treat yourself to a new liquid or powder bronzer for an instant tan that only looks like you’ve just gotten back from a week on a tropical island.

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Red lips

If you’re going to break out of your usual routine and try one new makeup trend this spring, go for red lips. So many women avoid red lipstick entirely, because they don’t think it suits them. The key is to experiment and find the right shade of red that works with your skin tone. Fair-skinned women should choose a red lipstick with cooler blue undertones, while dark-skinned women look best in red lipstick with orange undertones. If your skin has a more yellow hue, go for a red lipstick with brown undertones. Once you find the red for you, wear it with confidence.

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Long lashes

Get sexy for spring with long, dark lashes. Lash lengthening mascara is perfect for everyday use. If you’re getting glammed up for a night out, try a pair of false eyelashes for instant drama. Just make sure you cut your faux lashes to size first, and remember to give yourself a few practice applications to master that luxurious diva look.

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Metallic eyelids

When it comes to spring eyes, it’s all about shimmer and shine. Pick up a metallic white or silvery shadow to sweep across your lid. When going bold and metallic on your eyes, take a more natural approach to the rest of your makeup, with a nude lip color and a matte foundation.

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Even in ancient Greece, women took great pains to make their eyes more enchanting. These days, all you need is a set of false eyelashes and a little patience!

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