How to apply sunless tanner to your face

The only thing worse than the weather during winter is not being able to get your tan on! Unlike the kids on Jersey Shore, though, we all know better than to G.T.L. That’s why we hit up celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of Luxe Beauty Team, Amy Hollier, to show us how to fake it ‘til we make it from the neck up using sunless tanner.

Before PhotoStep 1: Start with a clean face

Hollier recommends starting with a clean face and wearing little to no moisturizer when you want to apply sunless tanner. “Too much moisturizer can actually sheer down the tan,” she says. Exfoliate your face the night before to get rid of any dead skin cells and/or rough patches. Remove any makeup you’re wearing prior to getting started.


Step 2: Grab some protection

Unless you want to walk around for days looking like your palms just got into a nasty fight with a bottle of self-tanner, grab some protection, says Hollier. “Either use a small makeup sponge to blend your product or buy a pair of latex gloves to prevent your hands from staining.” Both are relatively inexpensive and will save you a whole lot of time and trouble.

Applying tannerStep 3: Apply your tanner

Now that you’ve been equipped with the proper protection, you can actually begin to apply your sunless tanner. Since you’re going to be working on your face, always go with the “less is more” technique. In other words, start with less, and then add some more if needed. Blend your tanner down your neck and onto your chest to ensure that there’s no line, says Hollier. Don’t forget to work it into your hairline, and don’t miss your ears — the more natural-looking your glow, the better.

After PhotoStep 4: Let it dry

Once you’re confident that you’ve covered all the aforementioned areas (and that everything’s blended as evenly as possible), sit back, relax and wait for your tanner to dry. Depending on the type and brand you use, this could take anywhere from a few minutes to more than an hour. As soon as it’s completely dry, you can apply your makeup on top, says Hollier. Add a swipe of bronzer to your cheeks, forehead and nose to enhance the color.

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