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Ways to prepare skin for spring

The frigid winter air can leave skin feeling and looking dry, scaly and dull. Low humidity, hot baths and showers, and dry indoor air can leave skin feeling itchy and rough. When you’re wearing plenty of layers, it’s easy to ignore dry skin; once spring arrives, though, it’s time to revive your dull, dry skin. With a few simple steps and skin care products, your skin can look silky- smooth and glowing for spring.

Preparing skin for spring

Scrub off dry skin

To bring the glow back, you need to scrub off the old layers of dry, scaly skin. You can do this easily and inexpensively by making your own body and face scrub from ingredients you have at home.

  • For your body, mix a small amount of granulated white or brown sugar into half a cup of your favorite body wash and gently rub all over your skin. The roughness of the sugar exfoliates dry skin off your body and leaves it feeling smooth again.
  • For your face, mix a teaspoon of either type of sugar into a small amount of your usual face wash and gently scrub your face.

Using these two to three times a week will give your body and face a healthy glow.

Take cool showers and moisturize

Hot water is one of the worst offenders to your skin, so be sure to take warm showers instead of hot ones. Right after showering, gently pat skin dry with a fluffy towel and immediately moisturize all over. Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant lotion is the perfect choice for soothing your skin and leaving it feeling soft and silky. It absorbs deep down into the layers of your skin and holds in the moisture, giving a healthy glow back to your skin.

Smooth your hands and feet

Winter seems to damage the skin on hands and feet the most, but you can smooth away dry skin and pump up the moisture easily. Nighttime is the best time to treat these hard-to-smooth areas. First, exfoliate to remove dry skin. Next, smooth Vaseline Petroleum Jelly liberally over your feet and hands. Then, put on socks and gloves to wear overnight. You’ll be surprised at how smooth and soft your hands and feet feel after only one treatment.

Don’t forget dry, chapped lips

Your lips are affected by the harsh winter air just as your skin is, so don’t forget to treat them right. Exfoliate dry skin from your lips by rubbing them with a little bit of granulated sugar. Afterward, smooth lips with a layer of petroleum jelly or an intensive-care lip balm. Be sure to moisturize throughout the day so your lips stay smooth.

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