Spring hair color trends

Want to be the first to sport spring’s new trends? Find out what expert hair colorists have to say about the freshest new hair colors for the season.

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Subtle techniques

It may sound like an oxymoron, but this spring will bring a softer side to contrast. Kris Sorbie is the education artistic director at Redken 5th Avenue, and an originator of the “ombre” hair look — a gradient technique in which hair color is darker on top and fades to lighter throughout the hair’s length. She predicts that ombre will continue to be popular this spring, largely because it’s a low maintenance way to make a statement with hair color. But she also foresees spring hair colors that are based on rich, solid colors that create “illusions of opaque velvet, with contrast against lighter or translucent colors.”

Elsa Rhodes, co-owner of Platform Color Style Salon in San Dimas, California, recommends using natural undertones in tandem with hair color to achieve the feel of soft contrast for spring. If you’re stuck in a hair-color rut, think outside the box this spring, and steer clear of your traditional highlighting routine. Rhodes says that “sharp highlights are out, and very light against very dark strand contrasts are yesterday’s color trend.”

Brighten up

Red hair color is hot this spring, but should be free of the heft the winter reds tend to have. Lisa McMillan, a colorist at B2V Salon in West Hollywood, California, recommends sticking to red hues that are of the bold, copper variety, explaining that copper tones produce a lighter, warmer feel than other hues. The best part? There is a shade of copper that can look good on (almost) any skin tone. Both McMillian and Sorbie predict that we’ll see lots of blondes this spring, too. If you’re a natural blonde, embrace the look of the season and go bright. If you’re a blonde through hair color treatments alone, Sorbie suggests maintaining the condition and integrity of the hue (and your hair health) with regular treatments before you color.

Keep it light

Whatever color you choose this spring, Virginia-based color specialist Jenny Schneider says the most important trend for the season is a move away from traditional highlighting, in exchange for multi-dimensional color that doesn’t feel heavy. Brunettes can freshen their spring look with hues of soft honey and bronze (think Sofia Vergara and Salma Hayek at this year’s Golden Globes). Blondes can rev up their spring tresses with warm golds and creamy, sandy shades. If you’re extra daring, silvery blues, rose, cotton candy pink and lavender can be placed in the hair temporarily with a technique called “chalking” (which literally colors the hair using colored chalk), for a look that is bold — but easily removed.


Want to be first to show off spring hair trends? Look to the red carpets and runways. Spring runways and awards shows displayed bright colors — hair trends follow suit with bright blondes, reds and lots of healthy shine.

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