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Fashion Week survival kit

Fashion Week is here once again and it’s a whole lot of fun. If you’re heading to Lincoln Center, you might spot some celebrities, you’ll have plenty of networking opportunities, and of course, there are the clothes — the amazing clothes. However, the schedule can be grueling.

Woman hailing a cab in New York City

Get prepared with these essentials in your Fashion Week survival kit.

Comfortable shoes

Foldable flats

Let’s be honest — a lot of the time you spend at New York Fashion Week will be waiting in line to get into the shows and standing on your feet, mingling at the parties. So even though your 5-inch stilettos are fabulous, they aren’t practical. Fortunately, wedges are trendy right now, and they are much more comfortable than their skinny-heeled counterparts because they distribute weight over a larger surface area. If you insist on wearing uncomfortable heels to Fashion Week, at least throw some gel inserts in the bottom for relief and carry some foldable ballet flats in your bag for emergencies.

A roomy tote

DKNY tote

Your Judith Leiber miniaudiere is definitely glamorous but it isn’t going to cut it for this week’s events. Your tiny bag barely holds a lipstick, so it’s definitely not big enough for all your Fashion Week must-haves. Instead, you need a durable, roomy tote bag to carry all your essentials — from your iPad to your dry shampoo and your bottle of Advil to the swag you might accumulate along the way at Lincoln Center. When shopping for a new bag, choose a leather tote in a bold, bright color to stand out from the crowd. We love the DKNY textured leather tote in vibrant red. It will set off anything you are wearing, from your favorite LBD to a ruffled blouse and gray trousers. This bag is practical enough for daytime events, but also fashionable enough to carry into the night.

Meals on the go

Be Well Sustain

You can’t survive on bottled water by day and martinis by night. So instead, make sure you have some fruit, granola and other healthy munchies stuffed in your bag. Meal replacement products are another fabulous idea. You don’t have to miss a meal — carry Be Well Sustain by Dr. Frank Lipman. These healthy meal replacements come in convenient single-packet servings, and they keep you satisfied until your next real meal. Be Well Sustain is priced at $99 but worth every cent. Also throw a couple packets of Emergen-C in your bag to give you a boost of vitamin C to help you make it through the week.

Fresh face makeup

Sonia Kashuk powder

You can fake a good night’s sleep with the right makeup and a bottle of Visine. We love Sonia Kashuk Brightening Powder. To minimize the appearance of dark circles, sweep it under and in the corners of your eyes. This powerful powder is under 10 bucks at Target. Also lighten the load in your makeup bag by using multipurpose products — moisturizer that doubles as sunscreen and 2-in-1 makeup products like Topshop Make Up Lip and Cheek Tint in Bitten Berry, available at Topshop stores.

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