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One-for-all moisturizers

Is your body moisturizer too heavy? Does it leave you with ashy arms and legs at the end of the day? Your moisturizer should feel good and be good for your skin without giving way to dryness before your day is done. When you’re shopping for your all-over moisturizer, look for these key ingredients that are essential to keeping your skin soft and smooth all day long.

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Avena sativa

Also known as oat straw, avena sativa is a healing agent that has been used in a variety of herbal remedies due to its natural therapeutic properties. It has been shown to soothe extremely dry skin, eczema and psoriasis, as well as allergic reactions and itchy or irritated skin.


When mixed with water, glycerin softens the skin and absorbs moisture from the air. This is essential when it comes to keeping your skin soft and hydrated all day.

Hydroxyethyl urea

Hydroxyethyl urea is a moisturizer much like glycerin, except that it’s synthetically manufactured. It absorbs into the skin quickly, helps attract moisture and locks it in. It also provides a subtle shine that helps lotioned-up legs look fabulous.

Fatty acids

Fatty acids and oils such as isopropyl palmitate are essential in keeping the skin lubricated, making it soft and giving it a smooth appearance. They are also used as binding agents in many skin care products, such as overall lotions and moisturizers.


Petrolatum, also called petroleum jelly, has been recommended by doctors for more than 100 years for healing everything from diaper rash to chapped lips. The product acts as a lubricant for skin and forms a protective barrier against water and air, which allows skin to heal.

Editor’s pickVaseline total moisture lotion

Total Moisture Lotion is part of Vaseline’s new line of Total Moisture products that are good for your body and feel good on your body, too. This lotion has a light-as-air feeling when applied and makes skin feel silky-soft. Vaseline Total Moisture includes pure oat extract and strays-3 multi-layer moisture, which infuses moisture at the top, core and deep layers of skin. That makes for a quick absorbing, non-greasy lotion that lasts.

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