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How to pick a great neighborhood

Your neighborhood says everything about you. When someone asks you what side of town you live on, they’re actually asking, “What kind of person are you?” And sure, it might not always be accurate to judge a person by their neighborhood’s stereotypes, but the desire to live by like-minded people is natural. Here are a few ways to determine the perfect neighborhood for your personality.

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For the single gal

You’re active, on the go and potentially looking for the right mate. Picking a neighborhood packed with single people who enjoy the same things as you is a great way to be happy and surrounded by potential romantic prospects. Fancy yourself an organic, earthy kind of chick? Pick an urban neighborhood that houses people who enjoy composting and long, romantic bike rides. Are you more of an upscale, sophisticated mall-dweller? Find yourself an affordable loft in the fashionable part of town.

For the mom

When you’re searching for a new home as a mother, you’re not only looking after your best interests. The little people you hold dear must find their place in your new neighborhood, too. Finding a community packed with young mothers is a great way to ensure you’ll find social support for what you’re doing, businesses that cater to kids and plenty of playmates for your young ones. Plus, communities with many children often have better public schools. When searching for a neighborhood for you and your children, shaping their young minds is always a priority.


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For the professional

At this point in your life you’re all business and you’re not about to let anyone get in the way of that. Finding a neighborhood that suits your on-the-go needs is key to streamlining your business and personal lives. First, find a neighborhood that has many professionals like yourself. That way, when you want to simply get in and out of the coffee shop downstairs from your condo, you’ll know the people surrounding you want to do the same. Plus, your neighbors will have the same hours as you. If you need to be in bed by 11 p.m. to wake up by 6 a.m., the likelihood that your neighbor is up until 3 a.m. practicing her drum solo is unlikely. If you want to play on the weekends, choose a neighborhood that also provides a number of nightlife options.

For the artsy lady

When you’re not whipping up some crafts to sell on Etsy, you’re venturing to the local farmer’s market for fresh berries and locally crafted art. You might feel creatively constricted in a suburban tract home. Instead, choose a centralized neighborhood that encourages artsy types. Find your creative inspiration in the unique quirks of those around you.

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