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How moms can look instantly 10 pounds thinner

Most new moms (and moms in general) can get frustrated at “losing the baby weight.” Between taking care of the baby, kids, family and work, there’s not much time to exercise or feel your best.

Happy mom

While there are no quick fixes to weight loss, there are some instant ways to love how you look! Here are some tips to help moms out in the style department to make them look (and sometimes feel!) 10 pounds thinner every day.

Find the right body potion

Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion

This is a great option for moms in all phases of weight loss. Looking thinner can be a game of optical illusions. Most people know that they look slimmer when they are tan, so adding color to your body is key. However, if you don’t have time to self-tan, a good alternative is a body lotion that not only helps fight cellulite but has a subtle glow to enhance definition to create a sexy, slimmer silhouette. One to try is celebrity favorite Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion ($36,

Slimming undergarments

SpanxMany moms and women in general wear slimming undergarments on special occasions, but why not wear them all the time? Many companies offer options to wear on a daily basis and they can truly make a difference! One to try is Spanx’s Simplicity High-Waisted Panty ($52-56, This style helps to conceal your waist, tummy and hips — the usual problem spots for moms of all ages! Wear this every day under jeans or with skirts and dresses.

Why stop at underwear

Here’s another amazing option for moms wanting to wear clothes with slimming technology built in. These clothes work by integrating strategic design (including slimming seams and color-blocking) to built-in slimming control panels and perfectly placed boning and underwires. ShapeFX offers a whole wardrobe (including swimwear) so moms can have an entire wardrobe of clothes that will instantly nip and tuck — not just for special occasions.

A great everyday option is the Sleek and Seamless Turtleneck Top ($34, ShapeFX).

Sleek and Seammless Turtleneck top

Stand like a soldier

Good posture is essential to looking thinner and feeling your best. By standing straight, not only do you feel confident and slim, but it’s a great example for your children as well!

6 Stretches for better posture >>

Dress simply

A key to looking thinner instantly is to wear one color from head to toe. This is great for moms because it makes getting dressed easy! Try wearing dark colors such as navy blue, black and brown from head to toe.

High pony

One of the easiest styles for a mom to do (we do it all the time) is a ponytail. We should point out that a high ponytail can make your cheek bones look more defined and your face look thinner.

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