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Zara’s 2012 spring campaign is crystal clear

Zara is known for their streamlined cuts, sleek colors and unique touch, but this spring the brand is adding a whole new dimension: sheers and florals. Find out what’s in store for the new 2012 spring/summer campaign.

Zara Spring 2012 Collection

Clear cut

Zara takes a fresh approach to the 2012 spring collection and spring fashion trends with a swirl of creamy sheers, edgy pleats, tons of florals, a touch of mesh and a resort feel. If your closet is in need of some spring cleaning, there’s nothing like some Zara to refresh and revive it.

To narrow down the light and flowy collection, the spring/summer line includes a lot of sheerness, meaning drapes of transparent, loose-fitting button-up tops, skirts and dresses. For those less partial to the chiffon-esque look, there are also winter-to-spring transition pieces such as a white linen coat and half-sequined mini dress.

The many chic signature blazers that Zara offers are back and better, as well.

Zara Spring 2012 Collection

Ring around the rosy

The other half of the spring/summer collection includes florals, florals and, yep, more florals. Going to a rooftop garden party? No need to worry.

There’s a mix of light to heavy florals. The light florals include white or peach background colors with bolder florals and even a couple hints of butterflies. The dark florals are saturated with light flowers and colors, but a ton of them. If you really want to be on par with this new seasonal collection, then pick up the sheer button-up floral top. You’ll hit all the spring fashion trends at once!

Wake up and smell the roses because Zara is not even a note short of everything that spring and summer entail with this clean cut and vibrant campaign.

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