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Daily tricks for softer hair

Everyone wants to have soft, touchable hair, but that’s often easier said than done. If you’re struggling with coarse hair due to heat or environmental damage, use these daily tips to overcome dull, brittle locks and achieve touchable tresses.

Woman with soft touchable hair

Eat right

Yes, you read that correctly: Eat right! A diet rich in vitamins, minerals and water can help you achieve softer, shinier hair, according to celebrity hairstylist Nelson Vercher, who has worked with clients such as Jennifer LopezKelly Rowland and Kim Kardashian. “Foods with good fats such as avocados, coconuts and raw nuts are great foods to make your hair shiny and soft,” he says.

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Wash and condition correctly

First of all, unless you have a super-oily scalp, there’s no need to shampoo your hair every day. Cut back to every-other-day cleansings and be conscious of the chemicals you’re putting on your hair. Tabitha Jean Naylor, a representative of Cleopatra’s Choice, an online beauty retailer, says, “Stay away from shampoos with the dreaded ‘lauryl and laureth’ ingredients. Instead, use a shampoo that is rich in natural oils and butters, like olive oil, argan oil or macadamia oil. These oils contain emollients which cleanse the hair while nourishing the hair follicles from the inside out.”

She also recommends a two-step conditioning process: First, use in-shower conditioners that are wax-free and rich in natural oils and butters. Then, after showering, spritz hair with a leave-in conditioner or serum. “Look for lightweight formulas designed to add shine and conditioning. Stay away from any product that adds stickiness or makes your hair look too greasy,” she says. BE Beverly Hills Inspired Daily Shine & Repair Serum with Argan Oil is a perfect, lightweight option.

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Brush and style with care

In a perfect world, you would shampoo your hair at night, allowing it to air dry as you sleep. Unfortunately, the world’s not perfect, but there are steps you can take to prevent damage due to styling.

George Gonzalez, celebrity hairstylist and owner of George the Salon in Chicago, suggests that you blow-dry your hair from the top down, directing the dryer toward the ends of your hair, always drying the roots approximately 70 percent before focusing on the ends.

Ernie McCraw, from CosmoProf, a leading distributor of professional beauty brands, emphasizes three additional tips:

  1. Whenever you’re using heated styling tools, apply a silicone or dimethicone shiner to the ends of the hair to prevent drying
  2. Never brush wet hair; instead, use a wide-toothed comb, combing it from the bottom up.
  3. Use hair masques once a week, and look for products with keratin to help resurface hair with protein.

Not sure where to start? For daily treatment options, consider the KeratinPerfect line of products at Sephora, including the PerfectRenew Daily Keratin Replenishing Spray. And for your weekly deep-conditioning masque, check out BE Beverly Hills Blowlux Inspired Anti-Aging Intense Masque as a soft-hair treatment option.

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