3 Uses for vintage suitcases in home decor

Have a bunch of vintage suitcases and trunks inherited from your grandparents?

Vintage suitcases table

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Instead of throwing them out, donating them or keeping them hidden away in the attic, use them as statement decor pieces to update your living space! Vintage trunks and suitcases are resurging in popularity — not for travel, but for home decor!

Want a unique, vintage look for your living or dining room without spending a fortune on new tables? Dust off those old trunks and suitcases and get creative with your positioning.

Side, entry and coffee tables

Vintage suitcase table

Not crafty? Check out this pre-made
suitcase coffee table on Etsy!

Take down those Ikea side tables and replace them with a set of three vintage suitcases or a retro trunk. If you have at least three different-size suitcases, stack them on top of each other to add a bit of height. If you only have one suitcase, you can still add height by placing it on top of an old director’s chair or by screwing four legs onto the bottom of the suitcase. Create a custom vintage suitcase entry table by stacking two sets of 5 suitcases (need a total of 10) on top of each other to form the supporting base for a long rectangular wooden tabletop (which can be as simple as a wide piece of refurbished plywood). Once your suitcases and trunks are set up, top them with your favorite decor pieces, like picture frames, candles or lamps.

Card or mail holder

Have a stack of old mail and catalogs taking up space on your coffee table? Use a small vintage suitcase as a card or mail holder to remove clutter from your table space. To add more feminine flair, line the inside of the suitcase with lace fabric and make a DIY “cards” or “mail” sign out of glittery construction paper. You can also completely remove all signs of mail by keeping a few of these mail- and card-holding vintage suitcases on your bookshelf. They’ll be easily accessible and trendy to boot!

Pet bed

Give your little pup or sweet kitten a bed made for royalty by transforming an old vintage suitcase into a plush and comfy dog bed. All you need is a vintage suitcase, a fun, patterned cushion, screws, pine wood and small wooden furniture legs. To create your own vintage suitcase dog bed, follow this step-by-step tutorial, provided by Houzz. The great thing about this project, besides being very budget-friendly, is that you can completely customize the bed to your room decor by matching the suitcase color and the cushion to your palette.

Now, dig out those suitcases and get decorating!

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