Top 5 Books for pet lovers

What better way to take a break from your busy life than to spend a cozy afternoon curled up with your furry friend and a good book?

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This roundup of pet-inspired books offers continued proof of the astonishing power of compassion, loyalty and redemption provided by our pets. Grab one of these top 5 books for pet lovers and spend some quality cuddle time with your trusty companion.


Oogy: The Dog Only
a Family Could Love

By Larry Levin

Oogy: The Dog only a Family Could Love

This heartwarming story about Oogy and the family that chose to love him pulls at the heartstrings of all adoptive pet parents. Used for bait in a pitbull fighting ring, Oogy was found disfigured and left to die. Miraculously, he received a second chance at life and proved to the world that tragedy does not define life; it is all about what you make of it. For anyone who has ever taken in a shelter pet, the thought of the abuse many have had to overcome is unbearable. Oogy’s remarkable story of kindness and perseverance is confirmation that love conquers all hardships.


The Art of Racing
in the Rain

By Garth Stein

The Art of Racing in the Rain

If you’ve ever wanted to pick your dogs’ brain, The Art of Racing in the Rain can help decipher just what your dog is thinking. Enzo, a terrier-Lab mix, shares his insights as he learns key life lessons of kindness, love and loyalty from his human counterpart. A true best friend, Enzo carefully observes the ups and downs of his master, Denny, and stands by him through it all. The life lessons he has learned about people leave Enzo eagerly awaiting his opportunity to be a part of the human world. This witty and heartfelt story is for all pet parents looking to get in touch with their pet’s “human” side.


97 Ways to Make
Your Dog Smile

By Jenny Langbehn

97 Ways to Make Your Dog Smile

Think of all the times your dog makes you smile on a daily basis. Pay it forward with 97 Ways to Make Your Dog Smile. A great book to keep on hand and keep going back to, this book offers unique ideas to make your pet happy, with small gestures that go a long way. This is an excellent book for pet parents looking for unique ways to bond with their loving pets.


Cleo: The Cat Who
Mended a Family

By Helen Brown

Cleo: The Cat Who Mended a Family

Ever feel like your pet just knows when you need her the most? Cleo’s story is affirmation of the amazing intuition and fateful timing of our four-legged friends. As a grief-stricken family battles through tough times, Cleo the cat proves to be the glue that holds the family together when most would fall apart. A charming memoir that is perfect for cat-loving households.


Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

By Vicki Myron with Bret Witter

Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. For a small town in Iowa, it came in the form of a furry feline named Dewey. In the midst of the 1980s farm crisis, this foreclosure-ridden farm town was in a state of depression. One cold night in January, Dewey was stuffed into the book-return slot at the local library. The young kitten was rescued by library director Vicky Myron and her staff. In no time, Dewey became a town fixture. Almost as a “thank you” for the kindness he received from his rescuers, Dewey created joy and happiness in a time of uncertainty. A true testament to the awe-inspiring spirit of pets that is perfect for all pet lovers.

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