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How to love your style without a makeover

Remix your favorites or add a great piece…and love your personal style!

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Understanding and perfecting your personal style shows the world who you are. It’s your calling card and expresses the unique you. By wearing what feels authentic and natural, you’re taking the first step in personal style. The details matter! Think function, color and fit…then remix to become a fabulous fashionista!

Developing your style is meant to be fun, not daunting. Don’t take yourself too seriously and most importantly, wear what you love. We all have items lurking in our closets that we never wear. If an outfit doesn’t make you feel good, what’s the point? If you hate wearing it, get rid of it. Your clothing should always give you confidence.

Understanding what works

Trial and error teach you what works and what doesn’t. Fit comes first. You want fit that flatters your shape and accents the positives. If a tiny waist or shapely legs are your best asset, play them up. Test-drive the clothing you have and get a good feel for which pieces look best on your body. Make those your mainstay before branching out into new territory.

Play with color

What colors make you feel sassy and spectacular? Basic black is in nearly every wardrobe, but playing with color can elevate your style savvy. Test out how certain colors make you look and feel, then add colorful accessories to your basic wardrobe. You may be surprised at how many new looks you can create with the pieces you already have. Tie on a beautiful scarf for a splash of color near your face, or add a bold purse that holds everything for your busy day.

Choose a signature piece

You don’t need a fashion makeover to rev up your style when often it’s simply a matter of playing up the details. Think about which accessories or pieces of apparel you wear most often. Maybe it’s simple diamond studs, a favorite bracelet, a supple leather jacket or a funky pendant. These are the pieces that set you apart and can make your style statement. Have a little fun with them! Style your hair for flirty glimpses of your earrings, paint your nails to highlight your hands, or layer your favorite leather bomber over a simple blouse and skirt for work or an animal-print slip dress for evening. Your accessories are meant to be fun and can be a finishing touch in showing personal style.

Remember, a strong sense of personal style isn’t about following trends. It’s about wearing things that make you feel great and having confidence in your own standout look.

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