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Going green: How to host a swap party

Recycling your items is an easy way to implement a green way of living or a great way to enhance your green lifestyle. Swap parties are not just for clothing — you have many themes you can choose from.

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Here are some ideas and tips to get started on how to organize a successful eco-friendly swap party.

Picking a theme for your eco-friendly swap party

The first thing to do when planning a swap party is to pick the theme. A swap party doesn’t have to be just clothing, it can be almost anything. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • A baby gear swap party is a perfect theme for parents left with expensive baby items that were never used, barely used or something that the baby didn’t like.
  • A women’s clothing swap party is one of the most popular themes — and a perfect excuse to start some spring cleaning.
  • A women’s accessories swap can be done on its own for handbags, luggage, jewelry, etc.
  • A book swap party is a great theme for avid readers who want to expand their reading materials without soaring costs.
  • A children’s clothing swap is always a huge hit for moms whose children are growing like weeds — and a great party before any holiday!
  • A scrapbooking and crafting supplies swap party is every crafter’s dream. This is a perfect way for crafters to exchange extra materials and unused or barely used supplies.
  • A home decor swap party is a great way to get rid of unwanted or unused decorations, art or small furniture.

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If you have larger furniture to swap, take detailed pictures and measurements and offer larger items available for pick-up at a later date.

How to plan, organize and execute your swap party

Make your swap party a fun get-together for your friends by hosting a swap party girls’ night. Whether your friends are eco-friendly, frugal by nature, on a budget, have amazing stuff to get rid of or just looking for an excuse to have a little girl time, a swap party can add purpose to a fun evening — and serve an eco-friendly purpose at the same time.

  • Send eco-friendly invitations through Paperless Post, Evite or create a Facebook invitation and group. Creating a Facebook invite or group allows you to easily update your guests with any news or changes and gives invitees a chance to ask questions before the swap party.
  • If you set your party around or close to a mealtime, plan to serve snack, appetizers and refreshments or request that your guests bring a dish to create a potluck-style party.
  • Pre-select a charity or organization to donate any unwanted items to after the party has ended.
  • Set the rules ahead of time by making it clear that all items must be in good to excellent condition (no stains, rips, holes, fading, etc.).
  • Request that everyone label their items with a desired value amount and their name.
  • Organize the party items by value, purpose or sizes depending on which theme you decide on.
  • Determine ahead of time if negotiations will be allowed during the party.
  • Have swappers mark the items they wish to keep if they don’t end up being traded. This will prevent the item from being donated if you have decide to donate items at the end of the swap party.

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Have all guests create a list of their items and the prices before they arrive at the swap party. This helps keep everyone and everything organized and avoids any confusions.

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