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3 Fun ways to style short hair

Short hair is in this winter. If the runways were any indication, a lot of length is about to be lost before the weather warms up. Whether you currently have a close-cropped cut or you’re planning on taking the plunge and going with shorter strands, we have some hair tips for how to style your ultra-trim tresses.

Simple & chic

If you have fairly close-cropped hair, you can add interest to your look with a few simple changes. A pretty pixie cut usually means wash and go, but why not get a little more creative. Here’s how.

Get the look:

  • Use a small amount of volumizing spray all over to give hair some extra body and a few drops of argan or monoi oil for shine (these multipurpose oils are great for combating winter’s dry air).
  • Blow dry everything from the crown forward with a round brush while keeping the ends straight and flat.
  • Finish by directing the hair to one side.
Michelle Williams -- Simple & chic

The result is a more textured, messy-chic look that doesn’t sit quite as close to the head (think pre-Marilyn Michelle Williams). Add some small metallic clips or a thin headband to further freshen things up.

Evan Rachel Woods -- Short hair

Tousled & textured

Short hair need not be boring – especially this season. One of the best ways to keep things interesting and eye-catching is with texture on the top. It’s also a versatile hairstyle for a variety of face shapes (especially oval and more angular).

Get the look:

  • Start by working some mousse through your hair, being sure to cover the entire head.
  • Then finger dry while lifting the roots at the top off the head, adding volume as you go.
  • Finish with some texturizing paste for definition and add a quick blast of heat from your blow dryer to ensure all-day hold.

The result is a freshened up look with texture and volume on top (think Evan Rachel Wood‘s current cropped, tousled on top look).

Big & beautiful

For anyone with a choppy, chin-length bob, we suggest adding sex appeal and lots of extra volume.

Get the look:

  • Use some volumizing spray on the roots and some smoothing serum on the length for shine and softness.
  • Start with the sides and, using a round brush without lifting the roots, blow dry the hair down and straight (all the way down to the ends).
  • Once hair is almost dry, start to increase volume at the roots.
  • Blow the front forward then redirect it to one side and finish with a little hairspray on the brush for light hold.
Dianna Agron -- Big & beautiful

For inspiration, picture Glee’s Dianna Agron when she first debuted her shorter, sexier strands.

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