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Meet the breed: Bulldog

Choosing to add a furry friend to your growing household is a long-term commitment and picking a breed that fits your lifestyle presents the key to a happy home. With over 160 American Kennel Club recognized breeds, that decision can seem overwhelming. We’re here to help you meet the breed that’s right for you. If you’re looking for a four-legged friend that will play nice with kiddos, find out everything you need to know about the tenacious Bulldog.


  • checkGood with kids
  • checkPleasant temperament
  • checkLow energy
  • checkTenacious
  • checkHigh-maintenance


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Unique to the canine world, Bulldogs are a 100 percent mankind creation. From its stocky frame to its wrinkled face, everything about this breed began with a purpose in mind. Bred as fighting dogs, Bulldogs ultimately got their namesake by bringing down bulls. Today, this breed is loveable, comical and an excellent family pet.

Breed standards

  • AKC group: Non-sporting
  • UKC group: Companion Dog
  • Average lifespan: 8 – 12 years
  • Average size: 48 – 55 pounds
  • Coat appearance: Sleek, smooth, short
  • Coloration: White, brown and black
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Other identifiers: Stout frame; broad shoulders; short legs; wrinkles and an intimidating, protruding underjaw
  • Possible alterations: 100 percent man-made breed; size, color and shape per individual dog

Is this breed right for you?

Bulldogs make excellent companions and family pets. They are typically friendly and do well in homes with children. Since bulldogs would rather cuddle with their owners than play fetch, apartment living is right up their alley. Before bringing this loving pet into your home, make sure you’re able to dedicate the necessary time to take care of this tender breed.

meet the breed bulldog

A dream day in the life of a Bulldog

Nap, eat, cuddle, repeat. Lounging is this breed’s favorite activity, making Bulldogs excellent apartment dwellers. Bulldogs will enjoy a nice brisk walk on a cool day to keep them healthy, but nothing too strenuous. Due to their short snout, Bulldogs can experience difficulty breathing and don’t do well in warm climates.

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