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Have more fun with hot hair tools

Bored with your hair styling routine? It’s time to kick things up a few notches. We’ve come up with some fun and fresh ways to get your strands looking great with the styling tools you already have. Read on for three get-noticed looks perfect for elevating your day to day styling routine.

Woman with wavy hair styled with curling iron

One look, two irons

The softly-structured 1950s-inpsired look steadily becoming more popular is easier than you think to get at home. It can be achieved quickly with different sized curling irons and set with the help of a styling lotion. Once your hair is dry, use a larger barrel curling iron for lift and add volume at the roots, and then switch to a smaller barrel iron towards the ends to create a visible, more prominent wave all over. Finish with a light mist of hair spray for all day hold.

Quick tip

If you simply want some added texture, similar to the natural looking waves we spied at various spring runway shows, try alternating hair sections around different sized barrels, which creates a more subtle wave over your whole head. The result is a more beachy, effortlessly chic look.

One iron, two barrels

You can use a dual thin barrel curling iron (two barrels attached to one handle) to create natural-looking, yet extremely defined waves. To get the look, prep dry hair with a medium hold styling lotion or styling mousse. Take the desired section and start rolling the hair on one barrel to the next creating a figure eight pattern with each section of hair. The size of the wave will depend on the size of the hair section you choose to work with. Hairstylists often call this look “figure eight waves.” You then can brush hair to get some frizz, comb if you want a sleeker look or use your fingers to blend.

One iron, no clip

The other hair tool that provides a unique way to achieve waves is the clipless curling iron, which comes with a heat-proof glove so you won’t burn yourself while using it. Simply wrap sections of hair around the slim wand-like barrel to create volume and curl. Try Conair’s Infiniti You Curl ($45, There are also some companies who have created clipless irons with interchangeable barrels, depending on the hairstyle you wish to achieve. Amika Triple Barrel Pro-Curler Set comes with three tourmaline barrels in three sizes, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm (, $225).

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