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Outrageously gorgeous hair: Why celebs can have it but we can’t

Like the song says, you can’t always get what you want – especially when it comes to outrageously gorgeous hair. If you’ve been flipping through celebrity hair photos, eagerly looking for your next hairstyle, you might want to think twice before you go and request something as outrageous as what you’ve seen on the cover of your favorite magazine. Why? We’re about to tell you.

Unless you’re colorblind, you’ve likely noticed the latest trends in celebrity hairstyles: outrageously big and colorful. Since we often look to celebs for inspiration on everything from clothes and makeup to hair, it’s no wonder a lot of women are toying with the idea of adopting some of the latest hot Hollywood hair trends.

Rihanna‘s red, Lady Gaga‘s rainbow of hair, Kim Kardashian‘s fringe and bangs: You name it, we’ve shamelessly stalked these hair moves and secretly imagined what it’d be like to try them on for size. But that’s just the thing – we can’t always copy the hairstyles of our favorite stars. We chatted with Justine Piecuch, a hair stylist at Boston’s renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon, to discover the secrets behind the stylist’s chair to help you make a more informed decision the next time you head to the salon. Check it out, lovelies!

Lady Gaga pink hair

Colors, colors everywhere!

Some celebs seem to change their hair color as often as they change clothes, but this particular trend isn’t so doable for the everyday woman – or for celebs, for that matter. Why? “Hair can only take so much before it starts to just simply break off,” Piecuch says. The prime example of that? Britney Spears‘ oh-so-crazy shaved head incident!

“That honestly wasn’t the worst thing,” Piecuch says. “Leading up to that, she had changed from black to blonde then back again (we all lost track of all the changes). When she popped in the extensions, the hair was very fragile at that point, and if she didn’t shave it, it would’ve sheared itself!”

The bottom line: Before you go all color happy, remember that unlike a clothing change, constant hair color changes can be damaging to the quality of your locks, and you’ll never have a red carpet worthy look if you totally trash your hair.

Sarah Jessica Parker wavy hairstyle

Money, money, money, money!

You know how your fave celebrities always seem to look perfect – like all the time? Yeah, well that doesn’t come cheap, lovelies. Take Sarah Jessica Parker. “SJP’s hair always looks amazing – shiny, silky smooth – but most people don’t know she has a ton of hair and has a mane of curls and frizz,” Piecuch says.

As with many things in life, things aren’t always as they seem when it comes to celebrity hair, and creating those perfectly sexy locks requires a lot of styling backup – which would equal lots of money for the average woman. “Celebs have stylists following them around 24/7, making sure their every look is perfect. Most of the time they don’t have to even pay for it because the stylist may just want the name tag on that certain someone’s locks,” Piecuch says.

The bottom line: Sure, celebs might have seemingly perfect hair, but it doesn’t come easy. They either have the money to pay a constant team of hair stylists, or they’re given expensive product freebies and services since stylists want to be associated with them. For us normal gals, it’s hard to compete with that!

Rihanna's red hair

Complicated color

Hot singers like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj are known as much for their colorful hair as they are for their hit singles. But their hair color doesn’t just stay perfect week after week; these ladies need to constantly color their hair or use wigs and pieces to maintain that perfect color, Piecuch says.

Take Rihanna: Who can forget her red hair? She’s been rocking the hairstyle for quite some time, and in order for a red bright to stay vibrant, the hair must be refreshed every one to two weeks.

And Lady Gaga: Mother Monster is notorious for her hair switchups and seems to have a new hair color weekly. To keep up with the changes, Gaga enlists a crew of hair designers just to help her with her hair! Gaga needs to retouch her roots every one to two weeks and has a slew of wigs and pieces to perk up her locks.

The bottom line: As with expensive maintenance, lots of celebs have access to expensive custom-made wigs to help them switch up their looks whenever the mood hits them. This can be expensive for the everyday gal!

Kim Kardashian's recent bang change

Fringe benefits

Remember Kim Kardashian‘s recent bang change? Yep, who could forget it? Well, dolls, that was actually just a bang piece, and not a permanent hair change. Nonetheless, lots of women probably went to their salon that week before finding this out and made a change to their hair without even realizing there was a much simpler solution: a removable bang piece.

“Often times in the salon, people come in asking for a celeb’s new ‘do and it’s heartbreaking to explain to them that sometimes they can’t have exactly that,” Piecuch says. “When I tell them it’s extensions, a wig or a few pieces sewn in, they’re shocked.”

Instead of making a drastic change in your look, try something out by buying a bang piece at your local beauty supply store or online, and ask your hair stylist to help show you how to put them in.

The bottom line: You might not be able to get a celeb’s bangs or fringe exactly, but you can be sneaky and do it in a more affordable and pressure-free way.

Make it work!

Right about now, you might be wondering what exactly we’re getting at with this whole article. Are we trying to squash your dreams of celeb-worthy locks? Heck, no! The point is, think before you make any serious or drastic hairstyle changes, and try to bring the glamorous into the everyday: “Do things with your style that work best for you and put a trendy flair on it,” Piecuch says.

When you’re heading to the salon and are simply lusting after a certain celeb’s hair, Piecuch recommends bringing along a photo and asking what kind of upkeep will be involved before you jump into a sticky situation. There might just be a simple solution or a better style for your individual hairstyle.

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