Bedroom decor for your personality

Redecorate your personal space with what you already have or create a plan to better reflect your style and personality with these easy tips.

Match your bedroom to your personality

Sometimes we all need a little change. But when it comes to creating a perfect bedroom, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big change. By adding a rug, throw blanket, reading chair or replacing bedside tables, a headboard or lighting, you can easily make your bedroom better fit your style.

If you like the current trends

Go with simple furniture and solid-colored bedding. That way when your taste changes, you can accent your bedroom with quilts, wall art and throw pillows instead of buying all-new furniture and bedding.

If your bedroom comes across as boring or the furniture is too matchy, swap out or add new pieces to create depth. This also brings in new base colors to work with.

If you like to escape to your bedroom

Add a tufted bench or armchair for relaxing, a soft rug for warmth and a good throw blanket for comfort.

If you like to read in bed

Get a padded headboard, a tall bedside table with shelves or drawers and a swing-arm lamp or table lamp with a large or circular shade for maximum lighting.

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Woman in modern bedroom

Don’t be afraid to swap and move items around the house. If you want to change the decor of your bedroom, consider swapping items with another room to save money.

Use what
you already have

Sometimes a little rearranging of furniture can make a huge difference and make your bedroom feel more like you. But before you move around heavy furniture or hammer extra holes into your walls, sit in your bedroom with a measuring tape and some blue painter’s tape. Map out where you would like your furniture and wall decor to go, measure the floor and wall spaces, and measure your furniture, then place painter’s tape to mark your ideas. Creating a visual before you begin can help determine if your changes will not only work but if they will look as good as you think.

Another way to use what you already have and to save some money on decorating is to make a few rounds around your house. Collect any out-of-place knickknacks, stored artwork or anything that could work as decoration in your bedroom.

Tips to create a fresh, new look for your bedroom

  • Pick one color from your bedding and paint your walls to match or select a rug that complements the pattern or color.
  • If you have solid bedding, apply a pattern wallpaper or paint stripes on one wall of your bedroom.
  • Attach crown molding, a chair rail or framed molding to create depth and make a room more elegant.
  • Spice up your room with this years’ hottest colors: Orange, green or gray.

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Add some pizzazz to solid-colored walls. Painting stripes is fun and easy if you know how.

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