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Top 5 litter boxes

Gone are the days of unsightly plastic litter boxes. With variety of chic and functional kitty commodes, you can finally say good-bye to smelly trays and messy pans. With so many options out there, finding the right litter latrine for your feline friend can be overwhelming. Find the best fit for you and your kitty with these top five litter boxes.

Space saver

Sage King's Catty Corner litter box

Apartment dwellers and condo owners rejoice: the Sage King’s Catty Corner litter box is here. This uniquely shaped box presents cat-lovers with the gift of space and freedom from ordinary trays. The Catty Corner litter box is not only made for corner storage but also provides your kitty with ample space and privacy when nature calls. As an added bonus, the tall sifter handles allow for easy litter clean-up in one simple sweep.


The Redefined Feline

No need to hide your cat’s litter box in the closet or bathtub. This multi-purpose cat tray storage by The Redefined Feline is made to fit right in with your household furnishings. You can use it as a nightstand or side table — this multi-functional unit serves as a litter keeper and furniture piece in one. Featuring a top drawer for storage, a bottom sliding tray for easy litter access and a classic design, you can now store your cat’s litter box anywhere you and your cat desire. You don’t have to shove kitty in the closet anymore: The discreet, traditional design provides a kitty haven that will make your pet feel like part of the family again.



Tired of cleaning up after your kitty? The Litter-Robot takes the chore out of cat ownership and lets you focus on what matters most, like spending time with your furry companion. This futuristic litter lavatory has a mind of its own. With built-in self-scooping capabilities, you’ll never have to dig into a dirty litter box again. The pet waste is quickly scooped into a large waste drawer to prevent skinky odors in your home — simply toss the waste bag when it’s full and you’re done.


Modernist Cat

This litter box cover by Modernist Cat lets your kitty step outside the box in modern-retro style. Handcrafted in the Northwest, these kitty litter covers are both stylish and utilitarian for you and your feline friend. These unique pet boxes are made from eco-friendly products to reduce the two- and four-legged carbon footprints. Now you can think of your cat’s litter box as a fashionably earth-friendly household accessory.

Cat and dog households

Mox Litter Tower by Modern Cat Designs

Give your modern cat the utmost privacy with the Mox Litter Tower by Modern Cat Designs. For households with dogs that are even more curious than cats, the Mox Litter Tower keeps canines out so your cat can go in peace. If your dog thinks the kitty litter is a place for fun, consider this a worthy alternative. The tower features a cat entry on the top instead the usual front, so your dog will have a tough time sticking his nose in your cat’s business. Its unique design is a great fit for modern-contemporary felines and their owners.

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