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Scent report: Dark floral fragrances for winter

If you’re thinking of switching up your scent (always a good idea as the seasons change), this winter is all about dark, romantic florals.

Woman applying winter perfume

The fall/winter runways were awash with floral patterns, meaning the pull of the petal no longer depends on the season. Channel some flower power when choosing a scent this winter.

Cold weather florals

Make a note: Dark floral fragrances are a great choice for anyone who enjoys light floral fragrances in spring and summer, and wants to wear warmer, darker compositions in the winter to match their wardrobe.

Florals in fashion don’t seem to be going away now that winter is here – with good reason. They offer versatility and understated elegance that seems to transcend the seasons. The same can be said of florals in fragrance. Dark floral scents are warm and rich, making them a good option for pairing with cooler weather wear. Rich, full-bodied fragrances have longer staying power in winter, when fragrances tend to dissipate more quickly. In general, we suggest using warmer scents in winter and lighter scents in summer.

Floral fragranceThe fuss about florals

The fact that petal-powered perfumes are moving beyond warmer months should come as no surprise. Floral notes are one of the main building blocks of perfumery, and the most popular fragrance category, so why relegate them to one or two short seasons? Floral fragrances also offer a lot of diversity. They can range from single floral to multi-floral bouquets with a variety of ingredients including jasmine, gardenia, violet, rose and hundreds more. Some good examples of this current trend toward rich floral fragrances include:

  • Bvlgari Jasmine Noir: A beautiful dark floral fragrance with notes of sambac jasmine, licorice and wood blended into a glamorous, romantic scent.
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid: An enchanting dark floral fragrance featuring notes of orchid with vanilla and patchouli, which create a darkly rich floral aroma.
  • Lolita Lempicka Midnight Couture Black Eau de Minuit: An extravagantly feminine dark floral fragrance comprised of iris, licorice, vanilla and myrrh.
  • Doux Amour by Spadaro: A rare blend of Ylang Ylang, Casablanca Lily and Moroccan Jasmine – wrapped in a sultry, sueded accord of Patchouli, Rare Amber Sandalwood and laced with a sheer veil of Vanilla.

Retro perfume bottleChoosing a floral fragrance for winter

While you may not think much about switching up what you spritz from season to season, do take stock of your signature scent as the cold air moves in. Just like you change your wardrobe from season to season, make seasonal changes to your fragrances just as you do in your clothing. A rich, dark fragrance just feels more warming for winter and can enhance your mood in cold weather (when we all need a boost).

Look for fragrances that have notes of orchid, iris, jasmine and rose, which are often used in dark floral fragrance compositions. These notes pair well with amber, patchouli, myrrh and other heady background notes found in dark floral fragrances.

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