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How to score a celeb-inspired short ‘do

A short hair style is a tough look to pull off, unless you’re a celeb with a team of stylists. Lucky for you, we’ve got some expert hair tips for pulling off this hot, cheeky look and getting a celeb-inspired cut. Check it out!

Long hair is always in, but in 2012, short is the new long, explains Pirri Brothers, Piero and Luigi: “With starlets debuting new short tresses, this trend is bound to catch on — fast.”

If you’re nervous about making the cut and unsure of exactly how you can pull off a fab short hairstyle – you know, the normal people way— the Pirri brothers say there are a few things you need to take into consideration first: “You must take your personal style, face shape and hair texture into consideration and make it you.”

Lucky for you, we’re taking all the work out of two popular short ‘dos, the demi-bob and the modern pixie! Happy styling, beauties!

Katy Perry -- Demi bob


What is it?

A demi-bob is a bob that falls anywhere between the mid-neck and shoulders and is one of this year’s hottest trends.

Who’s wearing it?

Katy Perry, Shakira and Cameron Diaz have all recently sported the demi-bob!

How to wear it?

To make the look work for you, the Pirri brothers recommend adjusting to your own personal style and preference. Here are a few tips!

  • If you have a defined jaw: Complement the look with a bob that hits right at the jawbone.
  • If you have a round face: Keep your bob closer to shoulder’s length and avoid going too short.
  • If you have an oval face: Try added fringe and angles with your demi-bob.
  • If you have straight or slightly wavy hair: Spice things up with a cut like Katy Perry’s in a fierce black or keep it sweet with strawberry blonde.
  • If you have coarse or curly hair: Tame your ‘do with the right products, like Pirri Elements Nature’s Breeze detangler & leave-in conditioner.
Ashlee Simpson -- Modern Pixie

Modern pixie ‘do

What is it?

Close to the head and edgy, the pixie is a minimalist look perfect for the gal who’s pretty low-maintenance when it comes to her locks.

Who’s wearing it?

Emma Watson and Ashlee Simpson have recently turned heads for their short cuts, and, of course, Twiggy is the original pixie gal!

How to wear it?

The pixie ‘do is not for the faint of heart, ladies. But you can make the look work for your beauty type with a few key changes!

  • If you have a petite face and fine features: Adding bangs will help to further open up the face, the Pirri brothers say.
  • If you have an oval face: A lot of gals with oval faces think they can’t rock this trend, but you certainly can! The Pirri brothers recommend asking your stylist to do a razor cut that complements your face shape, not one that elongates it.
  • If you have a round face shape: To help create a slimming effect, you might want to opt for a demi-bob instead of a pixie. Of course, you can still rock a pixie with the right professional help!
The most important part of rocking a pixie cut? The stylist! Choose a hairstylist you trust and ask them for simple daily hair styling tips to make your life easier!

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