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After-movie fun for GNOs

You and your girlfriends have all enjoyed a movie out and are now looking for another way to extend the fun of girls’ night out. This time together is a good time to catch up and chat. You can choose to go out for more fun or maybe take the fun home. Here are some suggestions on how to keep the fun rolling on your girls’ night out.

Girls' night in coffee and dessert

Grab coffee & dessert

Going to your favorite spot to enjoy a coffee and rich dessert together is a wonderful way to extend the evening. You can find a quiet corner and gab all you want. Discuss the movie or catch up on your love lives, family and friends. Don’t worry about calories tonight — this is GNO!

Go out for appetizers and drinks

Extend the fun and find a quiet bar where you can order a drink and appetizers. This is another perfect spot to relax and share conversation. Be sure to not overindulge — or if you do, have a designated driver.

Kick up your heels

Want some livelier entertainment? Find a place with live music or a DJ and go out dancing together. What a fun way to burn off the excess buttered popcorn you consumed and enjoy time with your friends. If you are bothered by guys, tell them that tonight is for girls only.

Pamper with pedicures

Catch up with your girlfriends and get beautiful too. Pamper yourselves with pedicures while you enjoy chatting it up and, if you are really ambitious, splurge on manicures too. It’s a fun and relaxing way to share time with your friends.

Plan a group massage

Doesn’t a long, relaxing massage sound great — especially if you can share it with friends? Call ahead and book a group massage for after the movie and you can all relax, talk or just sigh away the rest of the night.

Make dinner together at home

Plan to make a dinner together after the movie at one of your friend’s homes. Have each lady plan a dish or snack to make together, or have each person bring a dish or dessert. You can fill up on delicious food while filling up on the latest gossip about your friends.

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