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Top 5 romantic movies to watch with your gals

When hanging out with your best gal-pals, there’s nothing better than loading up on sinful snacks and watching a romantic movie.

Movie night -- Girls Night In

Women love movies that make them laugh, cry and feel all warm and fuzzy inside — and that’s exactly what these movies do. The next time you get together with your girlfriends, sit, relax and enjoy one of these five romantic movies — and don’t forget to bring tissues.


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Who wouldn’t enjoy an evening with Matthew McConaughey — the king of romantic movies — and beautiful Kate Hudson sparring and falling in love? This romantic comedy makes you do more than laugh — it adds a bit of drama and a touch of sweetness. Hudson’s character enjoys a close relationship with her movie gal pals, and you will too when you share this outrageously funny and tender movie together.


My Best Friend’s Wedding

Get ready to be loud with laughter and burst out in song with this star-studded romantic comedy. Even though (Spoiler Alert!) the girl doesn’t get the guy in the end, you still end up with that warm, fuzzy feeling when the movie is over. Julia Roberts plays a conniving, jealous woman in this movie (yet we still love her), and Rupert Everett steals the movie as her gay friend. Don’t hold back when watching this movie — you can’t help but join in when everyone starts singing “I Say a Little Prayer for You” at the luncheon. And the sweet ending gets us every time.


Pretty Woman

It seems unlikely that a movie about a prostitute and the man who buys her for a week can warm our hearts and even make us cry — but hey, we’re women and we melt for a great love story. Of course, when that man and woman are Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, it’s sure to be high on any woman’s movie list! We swoon over Gere’s absolute beauty, we laugh and cry with Julia as she tries to fit into his uppity world and we all melt when they fall in love. Let’s face it — don’t we all wish Gere would climb our fire escape?



What girl doesn’t want a love so strong it continues even after her soul mate dies? Especially if he’s a young Patrick Swayze. Ghost has everything a romantic movie needs: a loving couple, a devastating loss and Whoopi Goldberg to bring a little comic relief to an otherwise serious drama. Oh, and don’t forget the pottery-making love scene of all time. If you and your girlfriends don’t cry during the last scene of this movie, no romantic flick will bring on the tears.


Sleepless in Seattle

Okay, men don’t get it, but as Meg Ryan, Rosie O’Donnell and Rita Wilson hilariously point out, women love a romantic movie that makes them cry. Sleepless in Seattle does just that while making us laugh and warming our hearts. You and your gal-pals most definitely have to sit around the big-screen TV, eat popcorn and watch Tom Hanks fall in love with a woman he doesn’t even meet until the last scene. It’s magic!

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