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Top 10 beauty & spa trends for 2012

New Year, new trends! Each January brings a slew of new beauty and spa trends for the fantastic year ahead and we would be amiss if we didn’t share all the beautiful details with our SheKnows readers!

Woman getting face massage

The annual Spa Trend Report, published by SpaFinder, was recently released, and we’ve got the scoop on the beauty trends that will reign your 2012.


TLC for your tootsies


Foot-focused beauty treatments that provide relief to our stressed feet (hello shoe-cracked ankles!) and help prevent injuries and pain associated with high heels (yep, ladies, we know that pain all too well) are in this year. Two words: Thank God.


Bring on the chill


Cold treatments — think ice chambers, snow showers and ice rubdowns — that enhance circulation and reduce inflammation in our weary muscles and joints are hot this year (no pun intended!). Hmm, we’re not sure we’re ready for a chilly beauty indulgence in the dead of winter, but we’re open to trying anything at least once!


Let me entertain you


We’re all humans and we tend to get a bit bored with the same old same old, right? Right. So spas are now aiming for that special “wow” factor to dazzle customers this year. From amusement park and water park spas to spas made of Swarovski crystals, 2012 is all about the bells and whistles of spa entertainment.


Wellness and beauty coaching


We could all use our own life coach, right? Well this year, the industry is pushing this one-on-one beauty coaching that allows resorts and destinations to help guests actually stick with lifestyle changes that can lead to long-term well-being and health. Sign us up for this one, please!




Who doesn’t love a good quickie? Ahem, ladies, we’re talking about beauty quickies, thank you! Quick is in for 2012 and cheap, fast beauty fixes like 10-minute manicures, blow dry bars and walk-in makeup makeovers are helping women everywhere get beautiful in mere minutes.


Online fixes


We already spend the majority of our days online (think email, Facebook, Twitter), so why not get healthy online? Well, beauties, the industry is tapping into the online craze more than ever this year and introducing online wellness games that use gaming features like challenges and rewards to help people make healthy lifestyle changes that stick. Health in the comfort of our own homes? Sounds pretty sweet to us!


Spa, wine and dine


Is there anything better than a vacation package that features drink, food and beauty? We’d be hard-pressed to find something! These kinds of all-inclusive packages that range from “culi-spa” weekends to “plates & Pilates” sessions are more en vogue than ever before for 2012. We’ll drink to that beauty trend.




No, we’re not talking about the “sit on the couch and discuss your feelings” kind of therapy, lovelies. We’re talking high-tech, multi-sensory therapies that feature vibration, sound, light and music to fully engage all your senses. This beauty trend is totally in for 2012.


Toddlers in spa towels


Celebs seem to be introducing their children to the art of beautification earlier than ever (hello Gwen Stefani!), so why not let everyone in on the spa fun? Spas are becoming more family-friendly and introducing kids-only spas and new spa treatments specifically geared towards the under 18 set in 2012. Now if only these were around when we were little ones…


Science is in


Alternative therapies like massage, sauna and acupressure are being held up to higher scientific scrutiny by sites like this year. Hey, in a world where we sometimes have no clue whether the beauty products we’re using are really useful or not, we’re all for more beauty scrutiny!

Tell us

Which of these beauty and spa trends would you most like to try in 2012? Share in the comments section below!!

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