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Put a stop to these five beauty blunders

Even the most diligent beauty buff can have a slip-up every so often. But we want to ensure that doesn’t happen to you. To save you from some of the worst beauty sins, we put together a list of what not to do — not now, not ever.

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Sleeping with your makeup on

Let’s be honest; we’ve all done it (getting home from a party and falling into bed — makeup, clothes and all), but don’t make going to bed with a full face of foundation a habit. Leaving makeup on all night doesn’t allow your skin to breathe properly and can put you on the fast track to clogged pores and skin irritation. If you want to look fresh and revitalized, you’re going to want clear skin, not skin that breaks out or looks lackluster from leaving your foundation on while you sleep. Use makeup remover wipes for nights when you’re too tired to turn on the tap.

Too much heat styling

Especially in the winter, constantly styling your hair with heat (flatiron, curling iron, blow dryer) can dry out your locks and leave them parched and broken. Dry, damaged hair has a tendency to look frizzy and unruly, rather than sleek and smooth. If you can, try to avoid blow drying every day and instead let your hair air dry when you’re not going anywhere. Use a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment to repair some of the damage and get a trim regularly to get rid of split ends.


We shouldn’t have to remind you, but unless you’re getting your gorgeous glow from a bottle, tanning is the biggest beauty blunder we can think of. We love the look of sun-kissed skin, too, but not only does tanning have the potential to cause skin cancer, giving yourself over to the sun’s rays will cause wrinkles and other visible damage to the sensitive skin on your face. Opt for a faux glow instead from the huge selection of bronzers and self-tanning lotions available.

Never washing your makeup brushes

Clean brushes are not only more effective for applying product, over time your makeup brushes can become contaminated (think dead skin cells, oil and bacteria). So every time you apply powder or foundation, you could be applying bacteria along with it. This has the potential to cause breakouts, allergic reactions or other skin irritations. Don’t put your skin at risk with less-than-clean beauty tools. Wash your brushes with warm water and soap (or get yourself a brush cleaner) and let them dry fully before using. Your skin will thank you.

Not exfoliating

Dead skin cells and debris can and do build up on the surface of the skin, making exfoliation a beauty must. This important skin care step helps loosen and slough off that debris, unclog pores and reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. Aim to exfoliate once or twice a week depending on your skin type to ensure skin looks healthy, soft and radiant.

Watch: How to clean your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes can harbor dirt and bacteria. Watch this video to learn how to properly clean and care for your makeup brushes.

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