5 Cases that will make your Kindle stand out

According to Amazon, they sold 1 million Kindles each week during the month of December 2011, which means that everyone and their dog are now enjoying books via the popular e-reader. But that also means that finding a unique case for your beloved Kindle gets a bit tougher. Check out these five Kindle cases that will make yours stand out among the well-read crowd.

Go green

Cork Kindle Sleeve by TAPE

Think of it this way — using a Kindle or other electronic reading device is the best way to read “green” — fewer books being printed, more paper being conserved and trees saved. Right? Well, we’re not sure if that logic really works, but this sustainable Cork Kindle Sleeve by TAPE helps support our theory. A sleeve is a great option for your Kindle if you prefer to read it case-free or mainly need something to keep it safe in your purse or bag, rather than when you’re actually reading. $28

A fairytale come true

Fairy Tale Kindle Covers from Uncommon Goods

Do you think Cinderella would have jumped on the e-reader craze? We’re pretty sure she would have and being a hopeless romantic at heart, she would loved the Fairy Tale Kindle Covers from Uncommon Goods. Also available for the iPad, these cases look and feel like a real vintage book — the one you’ve read countless times and is worn from all the love. Choose from favorites such as Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice or Tolstoy’s War and Peace. $50

Wanna-be smarty pants

New Yorker Jackets by M-Edge

You may be reading a trashy romance novel on your Kindle, but with one of these New Yorker Jackets by M-Edge, nobody will ever know! Choose from five iconic New Yorker covers, all printed on fabric for a super-soft case that also keeps your Kindle lightweight. We also love that M-Edge has designed these Kindle jackets to be compatible with their great booklights — the perfect solution for when you just can’t put that book down in bed. $30

Pretty personalized

Kindle Sleeves by Etsy seller rouge & co

If your personal motto is “everything must be monogrammed,” then your Kindle case should certainly follow suit. There are many options out there when it comes to personalized technology cases, so weeding through to find the best ones can be tricky, especially when you’re buying online. Let us help — the Kindle Sleeves by Etsy seller rouge & co are a head above the rest. They’re made from cushy neoprene, letting you throw your Kindle in your purse or carry-on without concern. $34

Reading is hip

Alexander Henry Where's My Stach cases

We’re not sure when mustaches became the symbol for hipsters, but it seems that the correlation is here to stay, even when it comes to Kindle cases! From Etsy seller Sandman Quilts, these custom Alexander Henry Where’s My Stach cases will make any hipster bookworm swoon. You can easily see on the Etsy shop that these cases are impeccably made — and the houndstooth print on the inside of the case is an especially nice touch! $40

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