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How to get the best after-Christmas deals

When Christmas is over, the last thing on your mind is probably shopping. However, if you want to snag some hot bargains, it’s a great idea to check out the after-Christmas sales. Read on to learn about the best after-Christmas deals.

Woman shopping for coat after Christmas

Shop for Christmas merchandise

Start stocking up on holiday items for next year right after this Christmas. Christmas trees, lights, decorations, ornaments, gift wrap, inflatables and much more are available at rock-bottom prices starting the day after Christmas. Stores want to clear out their inventory quickly, so you can often get Christmas merchandise at 70 percent off or more.

Buy coats and winter apparel

Coats, jackets, sweaters, boots, gloves, hats and other winter apparel are dirt-cheap after Christmas. If you are shopping for your kids, buy a size or two up and tuck away winter clothes and accessories for next year.

Look for returned electronics

“Open box” electronics are available at a fraction of the cost of new items. Also, the Annual International Consumer Electronics Show is the first week of January with new models of computers and other electronics coming out. So, current models will be on sale to make room for the new ones. Head to your local electronics or big box store in the days after Christmas to find computers, cameras, gadgets and electronics at a significant discount.

Check out fitness equipment

Because so many people want to “get fit” as one of the New Year’s resolutions, retailers try to entice shoppers with sales on fitness equipment after Christmas. However, don’t buy exercise equipment if you aren’t going to really use it (though a treadmill can make a nice laundry rack).

Shop for a new car

In the closing days of the year, you can find fabulous deals on cars and trucks — particularly on New Year’s Eve. Dealers want all the old models out of their showroom by January 1 to make room for the new vehicles.

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