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5 must-have apps for pet owners

4. BringFido

BringFido app
Image: iTunes

Best friends like to do things together, and thankfully, there’s an app for that too. If you don’t feel like spending hours deep-googling customer reviews on Yelp to find out if a hotel or beach is dog-friendly, you can cut to the chase by using this app instead. The BringFido app is produced by the leading pet travel website of the same name and provides pet-friendly hotel search, filtering and booking options, local listings for upcoming dog events and attractions and even reliable resources for pet care, including vets, sitters, groomers and walkers.

Available: iTunes

Users say: “I love this app. This is the easiest way to find hotel options when traveling with my 140-pound Mastiff puppy. I usually just book through their app, but on one occasion, I booked via phone with their customer service department. They were extremely helpful and spent a good amount of time on the phone with me trying to find an upgrade to available hotel options. Highly recommend this app for anyone with pets!”

Price: Free

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5. Pet Acoustics

Pet Acoustics app
Image: iTunes

The Pet Acoustics app is music to your pets’ ears — literally. This app supports the ability to turn your pets’ mood from restless to relaxed with music. Pet Acoustics plays on pets’ amazingly sensitive hearing by creating soothing music designed just for pets. The frequency, volume and rhythm of each song give your pet a sense of comfort and safety to promote a peaceful environment. This is a must-have for pets with separation anxiety or young dogs with excess energy levels.

Available: iTunes

Users say: “This app is the real deal. I’ve never been so impressed! I thought it was a gimmick but liked the music, so I bought it. Best money I ever spent. It calms my hyper dog at the vet. My vet actually wrote the app name down, requested I leave it on and now uses it regularly in their office. It’s just a fantastic app. It really works to soothe and relax my dog. I’m waiting to see how it does with my sister’s new kitten. I love this. Thank you!!! So much!! Wish I could give it 10 stars!”

Price: $1.99

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Updated on 3/10/2016

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