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5 must-have apps for pet owners

In a world where dog lovers and tech lovers so often meet, there are plenty of little-to-no-cost apps to keep dog owners organized and entertained. With your smartphone and your four-legged bestie by your side, you’ll always be ready to take on the day.

1. ASPCA Mobile App

Image: iTunes

The ASPCA’s totally free app makes new (and experienced) dog ownership easy. The app is designed to prep pet parents for how to handle a natural disaster — storing a pooch’s vital health records, providing tips on what to do before an upcoming storm and even offering tools to build a “lost pet” digital flyer in case of an emergency. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, they say, and this handy app can help you with that.

Available: iTunes, Android

Users say: “I love using this app for weather preparedness tips for my pet — especially on the east coast where we have hurricanes and snow storms.”

Price: Free

2. Trottr

Trottr app
Image: iTunes

We all know that man doesn’t like to be alone, and neither does his best friend. With the Trottr app, you can easily zero in on some companionship for your furry pal in your area, with search options for certified and trained local dog walkers. Whether you’re putting in extra hours at the office or going out of town, this helpful app will allow you to track dog walking from start to finish — with features to watch the dog walking route and pay through the app. Only highly-rated local pet care professionals make the cut into the app for your peace of mind.

Available: iTunes

Users say: “We adopted a 1-year-old mutt a few months ago, and with our tumultuous work schedules, we were scrambling to make sure Rocco was looked after on days we were gone for hours. A friend told us to try Trottr. Rocco took to Kyle (walker) immediately, and we’ve been lucky to have him these last couple of weeks. He also gave us a walk on the house, which was appreciated! Thanks.”

Price: Free

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3. BarkCam

BarkCam app
Image: iTunes

File this fun little pet-lovers’ app under “why not?” — and then take advantage of the free download. BarkCam is for those dog owners out there who already have a phone filled with doggy selfies (guilty!) and would like some extra help in snapping yet another snazzy Instagram pic. The app allows you to choose a sound that will instantly get your pup’s attention for the perfect photo op. You can also customize the pic with stickers, quotes, meme text and, of course, filters before you share it with friends on social media.

Available: iTunes, Android

Users say: “The weird sounds on the camera captures both dogs’ attention just in time to take the cutest pictures I’ve ever gotten of them.”

Price: Free

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