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DIY Holiday mantel banner

As fun as holiday decorating is, it can also be incredibly expensive. From the Christmas tree to the elaborate outdoor lights to the sparkly New Years Eve centerpiece, this season is definitely not kind on the wallet. Instead of spending a fortune on holiday decor, make your own. This easy mantel sign is a quick DIY project that requires only a few materials and less than an hour’s time.

DIY Holiday mantle banner

Creating a beautiful banner, like the one pictured by Bekah Jennings, is a fun and easy project that also makes a great holiday gift!

Cost: Less than $25

What you need:

  • Thick squares of cream, white or gold cardstock (amount varies depending on what you want the banner to say; for a “believe” banner, for example, you need eight pieces.
  • sturdy hole-punch
  • ribbon in color of your choice
  • letter stamps in your letters of choice
  • gold, green, red or silver stamp ink
  • Damask stencil or stencil of your choice
  • Paint

How to make it:

  1. Decide what you want your banner to say. Arrange your cardstock. Using the hole-punch, punch a hole in the right and left top corners of the cardstock. String the ribbon through and set on a flat surface.
  2. Stamp a few sample letters onto a plain sheet of paper until you like the look of the stamp.
  3. Stamp one letter on each piece of cardstock, spelling out your word(s). Let dry completely before moving.
  4. If you want to create a damask or stenciled look on the sides or bottoms of each piece of cardstock, use the stencil and color in the holes with your choice of paint. Let dry completely before hanging.

Here’s to an easy and fun DIY that saves money and looks elegant!

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