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Your post-holiday skin recovery plan

If the holiday party season took a toll on your complexion, you’re likely not alone. We all overindulged and sacrificed sleep for a few more hours of sipping cocktails and dancing up a storm. But now it’s time to get our skin care back on track. We put together the ultimate recovery plan and skin care tips to get your complexion back in shape.

Woman with homemade facial mask

Step 1: Rest

After nights upon nights of being awake long past your bedtime, one of the best ways to get your complexion back on track is to ensure you get your beauty sleep. After the holidays are over, get back onto a solid sleep schedule and make an effort to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. That will help you get into a more consistent sleep pattern. Well-rested skin is bright and healthy looking. Tired skin is dull and lackluster.

Step 2: Hydrate

If you’ve been living on cocktails and caffeine, it’s time to turn your attention back to good old fashioned water. The more dehydrated you are (and both alcohol and caffeine dehydrate), the worse your skin and hair will look, so with this skin care tip we suggest to step up your sipping. We suggest keeping a reusable water bottle with you while you’re on the go and when you’re at home. You can also fill a glass pitcher with water, sliced cucumbers and lemon wedges to entice you to drink water throughout the day. Limes and blueberries is another pretty (and tasty) combination. Adequately hydrated skin is supple, rather than pale and tight.

Step 3: Use a targeted mask

There is a mask for every complexion concern you can think of, making them a useful tool on your quest to get your complexion back to its pre-party state. Winter in general can also take its toll on your skin, so start with a hydrating mask to replenish and rejuvenate your face. Try Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Mask ($45), which locks water in leaving skin soft, smooth and ultra-hydrated. If you’re dealing with breakouts (which can happen after too many indulgences), opt instead for a blemish-busting mask. We like Boscia Clear Complexion Mask ($30), which absorbs excess oil and deep cleans pores without irritating skin.

Step 4: Detox

Now is the time to give your body a break after all those days of festive fun (and holiday cheer). Start every morning for the next week with warm water and lemon. This will help flush toxins from your body. Load up your daily meals with lots of fresh vegetables and leafy greens, opt for lean proteins, good fats (olive oil, avocados) and steer clear of anything sugary or laden with fat and calories. If you can stand it, trade your daily mug of coffee for herbal tea or better yet, another cup of warm lemon water. Snack on fruit and raw nuts (rather than cookies or chips), and after a week, you should feel much better overall and notice your skin is brighter and back to normal.

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