Rustic centerpieces for your dining table

Rustic decor is easy if you follow a few simple rules: Stick with warm colors, create elegant lighting and keep it simply beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you are a bride planning your wedding or a mom planning a family dinner, here are some easy ways to create the perfect rustic centerpiece for your table.

Rustic centerpiece

Candle centerpieces

Create an easy rustic centerpiece for your table with just a few items: bowls, candles and mirrors. These beautiful Pottery Barn found parat mirrors are meant to hang on the wall, but considering they were designed inspired by Indian mixing bowls, you can easily use them as a statement piece for your dining room table. Place off-white candles in each bowl to illuminate your dining room table in a simple and elegant way.

Create your own


  • 3 rustic bowls: hammered or beveled metal, dark or distressed wood
  • 3 round craft mirrors
  • 3 candles


  1. Place round mirrors inside the bowls (cut or have cut to fit, if needed)
  2. Place candles on the mirrors


Stick with these warm colors to create your perfect rustic centerpiece look: Bronze, brown, deep red, muted orange, moss green, off-white and white.

Wood centerpieces

Use natural wood abstract bowls to display a variety of items in a simple way.

  • Moss balls
  • Loose moss
  • Pebbles or rocks
  • Loose or tied sticks
  • Field flowers
  • Flower arrangements

Mason jar centerpieces

Mason jars make beautiful rustic decorations. Here’s a simple idea to help you create a fast and affordable centerpiece for your dining room table.


  • 3-5 mason jars (various sizes and heights)
  • Twine
  • Field flowers, twigs, baby’s breath, twigs with berries, etc.
  • Votive candles (optional)


  1. Cut 3 feet of twine for each mason jar.
  2. Find the center of the cut twine piece by folding it in half.
  3. Tape the center of the twine to the outside center of the mason jar.
  4. Wrap each side around the center portion of the jar in opposite directions, crossing and overlapping each other.
  5. At the end, leave enough twine to tie the pieces together in a knot or bow.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each jar.
  7. Place twigs, berries, moss, flowers or candles inside each mason jar.
  8. Scatter votive candles around the mason jars (optional).

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Rustic ideas for your dining room table


  • Cut a long rectangular piece of burlap and place it as a horizontal runner on your dining room table to highlight your rustic centerpiece.
  • Cut small rectangular pieces of burlap, wrap the pieces around pillar candles and secure them with pieces of twine or raffia tied in a bow around the burlap.

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  • Cut or purchase a round or oval crosscut wood plaque. Place the wood plaque under candles, appetizer plates or serving bowls in the center of your table.
  • Use tree limb wood cuts (level cut) as candleholders for votive and other short pillar candles.

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