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Simple ways to lower your heating bill

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you need to crank up the heater inside. In fact, you could be wasting your home’s valuable heat — and your family’s money. These simple tips and tricks can help reduce your heating bill and prepare your home for future savings.

Woman turning down thermostat

Program the thermostat

Program and set your thermostat during the day, then set it at a lower temperature at night or while you are away. By programing your thermostat’s settings — and lowering the temperature by 4 to 5 degrees — you can reduce your heating bill by approximately 10 percent.

Quick tip

Set your water heater to a slightly lower temperature to further reduce your heating bill.

Change the thermostat

If you have an older thermostat, have it serviced or change it out to a newer, digital model. If your thermostat is outdated, the temperature reading in your home could be slightly off. Digital thermostats are easier to use and read, and allow you to program the settings.

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Bundle up

Before turning on your heater, put on a pair of socks, warm pants and a sweatshirt. Layering is a great way to reduce your reliance on your furnace, boiler or other home heater, and save money.

Service or check your heating system

Check with your local gas and electric company, as they might have a free inspection program for homeowners. If available, schedule an inspection to check that your heater and gas appliances are working properly and make sure that your heater vents are free of any blockages or leaks.

Check windows, doors and the attic

You can save up to 5 percent on your heating bill just by checking the seals around your windows and doors. If needed, have your windows caulked and/or weather-stripped, or look into replacing them with more energy-efficient windows. Another way to reduce heat from escaping is to close curtains and shades once the sun sets.

Quick tip

It is best to check windows after the sun goes down so you can feel cool drafts.

Check your door thresholds and frame during the day. If you see sunlight under or around your doors, you are probably loosing indoor heat. Weather-strip and replace door sweeps to help seal your doors and keep heat inside.

The last place homeowners tend to look is in the attic. Because heat rises, the attic can be a main culprit for your home’s escaping heat. Check your attic to make sure your rooms, ceilings, recessed lighting and attic hatch are all properly insulated.

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