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Holiday pampering for moms

The holidays in November and December are such a stressful time for moms. There’s so much to do (decorating the house, parties, gift shopping, extra bills, to name a few) that the usually busy mom is catapulted into a non-stop machine! The result can be a stressed out, tired and cranky mom. This season, take a few minutes to take a time out (yes, you can afford 10 minutes of “me” time) and pamper yourself.

Mom taking relaxing bath

Practice deep breathing

Try deep breathing while you are driving; not only will you be calmer while driving and running errands, but you will get important oxygen into your system. Your face will be more relaxed as well, and in turn, you will look younger and more radiant.

Create your happy atmosphere

Create a playlist of your favorite songs and play them any time you can. At the same time, if you are at home, light your favorite scented candle to either relax or energize you. This happy, calm atmosphere will keep you smiling and vibrant.

Lumene Spa Intense Firming Body LotionDry brush and firm your body

Give yourself a spa style treatment in your own shower. Start by dry brushing your body with a long handle bath brush (the long handle will help you reach areas like your back). Dry brushing your body will improve circulation and exfoliate dead skin cells. Dry brushing can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Use long sweeping movements, starting from your feet and work your way up, stopping at your neck and always brush towards your heart. Once you are done with your body, hop into the shower to rinse off the excess skin. Finish by adding a firming and moisturizing cream to seal in the dry brush benefits. One to try is Lumene Spa Intense Firming Body Lotion (, $15).

Detox bathtub spa

Fill a small bowl with warm water and a few drops of an essential oil (such as neroli or eucalyptus). Saturate a wash cloth with the scented water and place on your face. Next, fill your bathtub with two cups of Epsom salt (great for sore muscles and for helping to reduce bloating).

Lasting Hope Instant Refreshing Moisture Mask & LaLicious Coconut Body Oil

Hydration treatment

During the dry winter season, it’s great to hydrate your body and face any way you can. Start this treatment off by applying a hydrating mask to your face. One to try is Philosophy Lasting Hope Instant Refreshing Moisture Mask (, $25). Next, add a natural body oil such as Lalicious Body Oil (, $24) to your bathtub for soft and silky skin. Try a scent that has coconut, mango or gardenia for a tropical feeling. After the tub, apply a creamy body butter in a similar scent to drench your skin with moisture while continuing the vacation feel.

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