Homemade beauty recipes

Homemade hair care

Taking care of your hair doesn’t always come cheap. With some of the finest shampoos and hair masks ranging from $30-60, it’s no wonder many women don’t even bother with them. We’ve got some cheap and effective homemade hair products that will make you forget those big name brands. Make one or make all of them, but be sure to make room for these cheap hair saviors in your bathroom cabinet!

Homemade beauty -- hair

Homemade hair masks

Create a custom hair mask in the flavor of your choice with these fun, fruity scents! Whether you’re a banana-crazy lady or a coconut-loving chick, you’ll dig these budget friendly hair helpers way more than those overpriced ones you used to use.

Gift idea: If you’re shopping for a hair-obsessed lady, consider gifting one of these homemade hair care treats. Add a little something extra and throw in a cute fabric headband and a snazzy comb!

Homemade vodka beauty treatments

Who knew vodka could be a good beauty resource? Pop open a bottle of this drink and pamper your locks with these two cost-effective, out of the box hair remedies! Just don’t get too vodka-happy, ladies!

Miscellaneous homemade beauty products

For those times when you want to have a full-on DIY spa experience at home or are looking for a cheap niche DIY treatment, we’ve got you covered with these fun homemade tips!

Homemade beauty

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Energize and uplift spirits with homemade candy cane bath salts, a fun and inexpensive gift to make that’s perfect for holiday giving.

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