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Edible Christmas ornaments


Between presents, traveling and home decor, the Christmas season can really get expensive. One item that can really add up hangs on those branches of your holiday spruce. Instead of spending tons of money on boring glass bulbs or flashy tinsel, make your own ornaments that taste as good as they look! Edible sugar cookie ornaments, popcorn garlands and ribbons full of chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect addition to any tree this holiday season and make clean-up a cinch.

Edible Christmas ornament

The fun thing about making your own ornaments is that you can completely customize them to your tastes and preferences. The only problem? How quickly they can disappear from your tree!

Edible sugar cookie ornaments

Sugar cookies make perfect ornaments because they can be shaped into any of your favorite holiday molds and can be decorated with any color frosting, sprinkles or edible pieces of candy. All you need is a great sugar cookie recipe (try this one), holiday cut-out, cake/cookie icing and festive ribbon. Prepare the cookies as directed and let cool completely. Using a knife, carefully cut out a small hole at the top of the cookie. String ribbon through and tie in a knot. Decorate to your tastes and let dry overnight. Once frosting is dry, they are ready to hang.

Popcorn garland

This old-fashioned tree decor has been around for ages and is an easy and very inexpensive way to add some flair to your tree. All you need is microwave popcorn, nuts and fruit, and needle and thread. Microwave the popcorn, transfer to a large bowl and let cool completely. Once cooled, thread a needle with about 36 inches of white or colored thread (be sure to double up to ensure thread is strong) and tie a knot at the end. Make a pattern with the popcorn, nuts and fruit, and string several short garlands. When done, hang on the tree (and try not to eat too much before it gets there).

Chocolate-covered pretzel ornaments

Chocolate-covered pretzels make the perfect tree accessory and may be the easiest ornament yet. All you need is mini pretzels, chocolate (I melted white, red and brown Hershey kisses), sprinkles and festive ribbon. Just dip the pretzels in chocolate, let cool and then tie with a ribbon. To create a fun pattern, switch up the chocolate you use and add festively colored sprinkles. If you’d rather make a garland, simply string the pretzels through long ribbon or heavy thread and drape around your tree.

Decorating never tasted so good!

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