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Easy ways to include your pets in holiday traditions

The holidays are a special moment to spend time with the ones you love most — including your pets! This year, don’t leave out the four-legged members of you family when celebrating the holidays — use these ideas to include your pets in your best holiday traditions to make the most of the holidays.

Family celebrating Christmas with dogs

Bring your pet with your when you travel for the holidays

Just because you’re traveling for the holidays doesn’t mean you have to leave your pooch at home! A great way to include your beloved pet in your holiday traditions this year is to bring them with you, no matter where you travel to over the holidays. Most hotels, even the highest-end hotels, are pet-friendly now, and if you’re staying with family, it’s even less of a concern. By bringing your pet with you to your holiday travel destination, they’ll be part of the holiday action, just like they would be in your own home.

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Make a special holiday treat for your pet

We all know that a huge part of the holidays is the food — next to planning gifts, planning for holiday food is likely the next most-considered part of this time of year. Every family has their traditions when it comes to holiday food and including some special dishes for your pet this year will make them love you even more. Besides the huge smile and tail-wag that will reward you when you give your pet a holiday treat, taking the time to take to bake those dog-friendly gingerbread biscuits — or whatever your pet will love — will remind you just how much your pet means to you.

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Don’t forget presents for your pets

The holidays are all about presents, presents, presents, and your family is sure to have some holiday traditions when it comes to gifts. This year, include your pet in the gift-giving. Pick out a stocking that matches the rest and fill it with their favorite treats and some new toys. Or splurge on something big that your pet needs or “wants,” such as a cool new doghouse or that heated bed that you know they’ll love. We won’t tell if you wrap their gift yourself and then unwrap it for them on Christmas morning!

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Include your pets in holiday outings

When making plans over the holidays, consider the events where you can include your pet — Christmas tree lighting, finding the perfect Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols door to door in your neighborhood — it’s likely that you can easily bring Fido or other pets along for some of this holiday fun. Many of these holiday activities that are also pet-friendly are outdoors and it’s likely to be cold out, so be sure as you’re bundling up to stay comfortable outside, you do the same for your pet.

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