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Makeup guru Vincent Longo shares his winter makeup tips

Winter may not be the most inspiring season. It’s cold, gray and no one feels like doing much other than hibernating. But it’s time to get energized! Boost your fun factor and avoid beauty boredom with the latest makeup trends. In other words, get ready to get gorgeous. We caught up with renowned celebrity makeup artist Vincent Longo and got him to share his top makeup trends to rock this winter.

Vincent Longo makeup

Q&A with renowned celebrity makeup artist Vincent Longo

SheKnows: What look should we be aiming for when it comes to lips this winter?

Longo: A well-defined mouth is a must for the cool months ahead. Contour and shape your lips using a lip liner pencil; then fill in the lip. Use a lip brush to blend and even out the lip pencil; then top with your favorite lipstick. For any mistakes you make while contouring the lips, try Vincent Longo Olive Oil Fix Tip to straighten the line and help reshape your lips perfectly.

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SheKnows: What about lip color? What are this season’s must-have hues?

Longo: On the perfectly contoured mouth, this season we like to see a rich tone of lipstick. All the deep shades will look ravishing this season, from a striking red (like Vincent Longo Thinstick Lipstick in London) to a deep plum (try Vincent Longo Lip Vinyl in 8½). To avoid any feathering, always apply the first lipstick coat with a lip brush.

SheKnows: Tell us about the top makeup trends for eyes and how to really make them stand out.

Longo: This winter, eyeshadows that have body and full color are de rigueur. To achieve a smoky eye or a well-defined upper lash line, eyeshadows that give immediate depth are very sexy — my Amaretti Diamond Collection is perfectly formulated to give depth and dimension. When using rich textures, always avoid placing color on the brow bone, unless of course it’s a dab of highlighter placed under the arch of the brow to open up the eye.

SheKnows: What colors should we be focusing on for cheeks?

Longo: A bright vibrant cheek is a definite attraction, especially in the colder months. Blush textures that have overtones and undertones are my favorites. I recommend trying Vincent Longo Dew Drop Blush in Misty Blossom. Using a blush brush, place color on the upper apple of the check and, with soft circular motions, move outward and upward. This technique will give the cheek a romantic appeal.

SheKnows: Can you give us the scoop on lashes for winter?

Longo: Regardless of the season a thick lash line still rules the eyes. Faux lashes help build immediate lash thickness and give eyes the sexiest finish. Try Vincent Longo Gina Lash Tips for that super-sexy upsweep on the outer lashes. Always curl the lashes first, and then apply the lash tips. Finish with a high-quality mascara and be sure to sweep over natural lashes and faux lashes together for natural-looking sexiness.

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