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Chic ways to use a picnic table indoors

Picnic tables aren’t just for parks and outdoor spaces anymore. An emerging trend has people bringing them indoors, and we think it’s a great idea from a home decor perspective.

Indoor picnic table

While they might seem one-note at first glance, picnic tables are actually a versatile piece of furniture. With that in mind, we wanted to share some stylish ways to bring picnic tables in from the cold and use them in a whole new way.

Sleek and chic dining

If you think a picnic table is too casual to be used as a dining-room table, think again. We love the idea of using this unconventional surface as the star of your dining room. Picnic tables offer ample seating for a large gathering, and you can easily dress them up for a more glamorous take on this often-rustic outdoor accessory. To give the table a more elegant twist, we suggest painting it white, gray or high-gloss black. To really make your new table look elegant, dress it up with your best tableware and fresh flowers in an ornate vase. The result will be a sophisticated and eye-catching area to entertain guests and feed your family.

Country kitchen

If you’re partial to the pastoral charm of the picnic table and don’t want to lose any of that warm, rustic feel, we don’t blame you. Rather than going the more formal dining room route, turn your picnic table into rustic kitchen seating. Instead of giving it a dramatic coat of high-gloss paint, let the simplicity of the table shine through. Sand your table and stain it (at least twice but more if you want the shade to be darker) and top with more casual kitchen accents. We suggest a large woven basket filled with apples and pears or a wooden bowl showcasing colorful pomegranates or gourds.

Bold and playful

There’s no better way to add interest to a room and spice up your space than with bold, get-noticed color. If you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen, a picnic table painted in a vibrant hue is a fun and stylish way to make the most popular room in the house really pop. The shade you choose depends on the color of your kitchen but we suggest going with something cheerful. Sunflower yellow, candy-apple red, royal blue or lavender all offer whimsical ways to liven up your space. Add some placemats in a complementary shade or a table runner in white or black to create some depth.

Kid-friendly accessory

There’s something inherently childlike about picnic tables. Almost everyone has fond memories of eating at one along with family and friends, so why not make your indoor picnic table a kid-friendly accessory? If you have a playroom or finished basement where the kids play, bring in a picnic table as their multipurpose crafting, drawing and painting surface. Choose a fun color the kids will love and top your table with plastic containers or baskets filled with crayons, markers and craft supplies. Your little ones will love having ample room to get creative, and you can rest easy knowing they’re not using a more decorative surface for their crafty endeavours.

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