How to create an eye-catching focal point

When decorating a room, you should always look for ways to create focal points. Without a focal point, a room’s decor often can lack character or appeal. Well-designed rooms immediately draw your eyes to a particular area. If your rooms lack focus, here are some tips to help you create the focal points they need.

Fireplace with nautical theme

Use the room’s natural features

The most effective focal points often focus on a room’s most appealing and eye-catching features. For example, a fireplace almost always ends up being a focal point within a room. A beautiful picture window, interesting architectural features or a dramatically large wall could also be used as a room’s natural primary focal point.

Once you’ve determined which area or feature is the most eye-catching, look for ways to accentuate the area and draw even more attention to it. For example, try hanging a large piece of rustic metal wall art over the fireplace, or choose an oversized piece of abstract art for an expansive wall.

Use furniture to create a focal point

Some furniture pieces are just natural choices as focal points. For instance, in a bedroom the bed is almost always the primary focal point. In the living room, you can use an oversized sofa or a furniture grouping as a focal point. You could create a conversation area using a chair, loveseat, end table and coffee table. Positioned correctly, this furniture grouping could be the first thing people notice when they enter the room.

Create a theme

When a room has an overall theme, focal points often seem even more eye-catching. Although you might think that a theme would dilute the effectiveness of a focal point, the opposite is often true. For example, while a group of turtle wall sculptures might not qualify as a focal point in a room without a theme, it could take added visual significance in a nature-themed room.

Use color to add focus

Color can be a powerful tool when decorating a room. Simply changing a wall, trim or carpeting color can actually transform the entire look or mood of a room. If you want to draw attention to a particular area of the room, use color to focus attention on it. For example, you might want to paint the wall where the fireplace is located a different color than the other three walls in the room. By doing so, you’ll add even more visual appeal and focus to the fireplace.

Using color to frame a focal point is also another good technique. For example, if you have created an appealing conversation area by combining several furniture pieces, use a colorful area rug to further define the area. You’ll visually accentuate your conversation area, drawing more attention to it.

Color can also be an important factor to keep in mind when choosing art and other accent pieces. If you want to draw a lot of attention to an area, choose a colorful or vibrant piece of art. You might have two pieces of art that are equally interesting and of equal sizes. However, the more colorful of the two will naturally tend to attract more visual attention, making it the better choice as a focal point.

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