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How to create a designer look on a budget

Although you might have big decorating ideas and plans for your home, you might not have an equally big decorating budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of great looks you can create without spending a lot of money. If you want to create a designer look but don’t want to break your budget in the process, here are some decorating tips to try.

Metal wall sculpture

Follow the lead of professional designers

If you find it difficult to think up unique decorating ideas for your home, don’t hire a professional decorator. Although professional decorators can provide a lot of value when decorating your home, they can often be a bit pricey. Instead, look through books, magazines and websites for inspiration. You’ll find plenty of articles that feature the work of professional designers to use as a starting point. Although you might not be able to use all the name brands that the professional designers use, you can find economically priced pieces that re-create the overall look. By doing so, you’ll create a beautiful designer look for a lot less money. For example, although a professional designer may use high-priced art pieces as part of their overall room design, you’ll be able to find plenty of eye-catching wall sculptures (seen above), paintings and prints for much more affordable prices from online retailers or stores in your community.

Use art to spice up simple room designs

If you don’t have the budget to replace furniture, flooring or other expensive room features, don’t despair. You can use art pieces to add a designer look to even the most simply furnished room. The trick is to look for visually striking pieces that can be used to create strong focal points. If you immediately draw people’s eyes to the artwork within a room, there will naturally be less focus on your slightly worn carpeting. For example, a striking piece of wooden wall artwork hung on a prominent wall could be used to create the central visual feature of a room.

Spruce up your existing furniture

Although you might not be able to afford new furniture, you can do a lot to visually improve the look of the pieces you already own. If your wood furniture are a little scratched, dingy or outdated, add a fresh coat of paint to spice them up and give them a whole new life. By choosing a trendy new color, you can transform an old or even ugly table or stand into an eye-catching, modern-looking piece.

If your upholstered furniture looks worn or dated, look for affordable slipcovers to spruce them up. Today’s slipcovers are a vast improvement over the old-fashioned ones that your mother might have used. You’ll find a wide variety of colors and patterns featuring modern fabrics that wear well and look great. Even one of the more expensive slipcovers costs a lot less than buying a new sofa or chair, so they’re a good option when you’re aiming for an attractive designer look on a tight budget.

You can also give your furniture a fresh look with new throw pillows, new cushions, or even by artistically draping a fabric throw across the back. These small designer touches aren’t very expensive, but they can really add a lot to the overall look of a room.

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