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How to add a warm look to your home

You have many different ways to decorate a home, but a warm and inviting look is always a good approach. Regardless of the overall style of your home, you can add small decorating touches that will make it cozier and more welcoming. Here are a few decorating tips to make your house a warm and welcoming home.

Rustic and cozy living room

Use a warm color palette

Although it’s possible to create a warm and inviting look using cool colors, warmer shades usually work best. Look for appealing color combinations that focus on the warmer end of the color spectrum. Warm shades of taupe and beige can be used to create an appealing backdrop. Then use vibrant warm shades such as pumpkin, espresso, goldenrod, deep red and brown as accent colors. If you need some inspiration when choosing a color palette for a room, check out at the paint strips and brochures at your local decorating or paint store. This can be a great way to get a coordinated designer look without having to choose every single colors.

Southwestern wall artPick a welcoming theme

A warm and welcoming theme can really make your home seem more comfortable and inviting. For example, choose a Southwestern decorating theme to make your home seem sunny and warm all year long. A garden room look is another inviting option. Once you’ve chosen your overall theme, look for decor and furniture that will coordinate nicely with the look. Avoid a too-cluttered look by choosing just a few visually striking pieces, such as a beautiful piece of Southwestern metal wall art or an oversize floral print.

Choose appealing fabrics

Fabric and textures are very important when creating a warm and inviting look in a room. Upholstery, pillows, throws and other fabric accents shouldn’t look too fussy, high-maintenance or prim. Instead, they should inspire you to sit down, get comfortable and relax without worrying about messing things up. Easy-care fabrics that look great and don’t wrinkle easily are the best choices. Look for fabrics that feature beautiful warm shades, interesting prints and patterns, and intriguing textures. Fabrics and textiles can also be used to accentuate the overall theme of your room. For example, in a Western-style room, try using a vintage saddle blanket as a wall hanging. Combined with a piece of rustic Western wall art, a saddle blanket could even become a focal point within your room.

In addition to looking great, fabrics should also feel great. If you’re trying to achieve a warm and inviting look in a room, choose fabrics that aren’t stiff, scratchy or uncomfortable to sit or lie on. After all, if your chairs and sofa aren’t comfortable to use, your room won’t seem nearly as inviting.

Arrange your furniture with people in mind

When arranging furniture pieces, look for ways to create cozy conversation areas. Pair chairs together, or combine a sofa or a loveseat with a chair. Avoid simply lining up your furniture against the walls. Instead, make small islands of furniture throughout the room. By doing so, you’ll make the entire room look warmer and more inviting.

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