Jeggings, Pajama Jeans, Snuggies & other silly winter wear

The options to keep us warm during winter are endless. There are many fabulous sweaters, dresses and denim that keep our bods toasty, but then there are those “silly” winter wear items. Find out how to keep warm this winter in a ridiculous way with our top silly winter fashion picks.


These fall in between the line of silly yet stylish. Depending on the actual style and look of jeggings, this denim invention can be fabulous. But if you really think of the notion — jeans and leggings paired together — it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s like, pick one or the other! But if you’re going to go the jegging route, these J Brand jeggings are perfectly structured and sleek.

J Brand jegging


This wearable blanket has taken the nation by storm as people gather together to strut their Snuggies on bar crawls, sporting events and other public places. Though this outfit isn’t the most flattering of styles, it sure is warm! If you want to get in on the craze, don’t forget to pick out a fun style like zebra or leopard print. Embrace your inner Snuggie and purchase one here.

Zebra snuggie

Forever Lazy

Think of this as the Snuggie’s cousin. Forever Lazy is the most convenient piece of loungewear you can possibly wear. This one-piece flannel suit has deep side pockets that keep your hands warm, a cozy hood if you feel like going out in public and want to hide your face, and a double pull zipper in the front… and back. The back zipper is conveniently positioned so you don’t even have to take the fleece jumpsuit off when you do your, err, business.

Forever Lazy

Leg warmers

Let’s be honest; these retro fashion staples were popular in Jane Fonda’s exercise videos and throughout the ’80s, but wearing them now can be tricky. You either look like a nostalgic ’80s aerobics instructor or like you’re going to a costume party. If you’re going for the latter, these leg warmers from Etsy are a playful and sexy pick!

Leg warmers

Pajama Jeans

Not to be confused with jeggings, Pajama Jeans are actually what they sound like. They are made of soft material that will keep your comfortable all day long. You can actually wear your pajamas to work with Pajama Jeans! They even come in different cuts like skinny and bootcut. One of the other best parts? They have no zipper or buttons! And for a cost of just $40, they can be yours.

Pajama jeans

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