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Gift ideas for dads with everything

Dads typically own what they want and buy what they need, making them difficult entries on the Christmas shopping list. Surprise him with something he didn’t know he wanted or needed with these clever — and not always practical — gift ideas for the dad who has everything.

Preserve his special memories

Refresh Dad’s memories by converting his old family film reels and picture slides to modern media. converts outdated movies and photos to DVDs safely, so Dad can enjoy them anytime — without special equipment and without worrying about ruining delicate old items.

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Dad’s favorite show on a shirt

Here’s a gift for the Dad who is a huge pop-culture buff, has seen every episode of Happy Days or knows every line from the Godfather. A T-shirt from lets him proudly share his favorite TV show or movie with the world.

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Happy Days t-shirt

Symbolic nature sponsorship

Give Dad a truly special gift: sponsorship of a wild place in America through the Sierra Club. Choose from the Badlands, Grand Canyon, Yosemite Park and many, many others to keep our air and water clean and promote a clean energy future.

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Sierra Club

Beer on tap, always

If your Dad’s a beer fan, keep him stocked in one of two ways: 1) Give him a Krups Beer Tender, so all he has to do is frost a mug in the fridge and fill it at the beer tender; or 2) Help Dad find his favorite beer on tap no matter where he is with the innovative Find My Tap app.

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Krups Beer Tender

A once-in-a-lifetime experience

Make your guy’s dreams come true with an unforgettable gift from Cloud 9: flying lessons, a stock-car driving opportunity, guided fly-fishing or any other of the more than 1,700 thrilling experiences available.

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Learn to fly - Cloud9

Dad’s face on a magazine

At, you can put Dad’s face on a realistic-looking magazine cover that features his interest from sports to business. That good-looking mug will look like it belongs on the newsstand, and you can give it as a canvas, mug, puzzle or mousepad, too.

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Dad's face on a magazine

A portrait of Dad’s DNA

You’ll blow his mind with a one-of-a-kind DNA portrait from DNA 11. Request a DNA collection kit, figure out a way to swab his cheek, and send the sample back to DNA 11; before long, you’ll have a DNA masterpiece. (If you can’t figure out a way to get his DNA sample without his knowing, you can opt for a fingerprint portrait instead.)

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A portrait of Dad's DNA - DNA 11

His own city block

If a certain city is close to Dad’s heart — his hometown or dream vacation destination, for example — let MKC Photography capture it with a vintage camera to create a beautiful art block keepsake for him. Choose any city in the world.

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City art block

A snack food sculpture

Appeal to Dad’s artistic pleasures and junk food addiction at the same time with a Herb Hoover food sculpture. Hoover creates fabulous masterpieces by sculpting pewter, silver, brass and bronze into iconic food items, such as fortune cookies and pretzels. Dad won’t be expecting this.

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A snack food sculpture

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