How to stock his stocking

Your favorite guy’s stocking is hanging on the fireplace, just waiting to be filled with goodies. He needs only so many flashlights and pairs of socks, though, so beef up your stocking stuffers with one of these fun, unexpected gift ideas.

Retro candy

Take him back in time with an assortment of favorite childhood treats from Choose a collection from a decade as far back as the 1950s, or mix and match classics such as Clark’s Teaberry Gum, Hershey’s Zagnut Bars, Bottle Caps and Root Beer Barrels. $12 and up

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Clark's Teaberry Gum

Bacon-flavored vodka

What could be more manly than bacon-flavored vodka? Bakon Vodka makes a perfect Bloody Mary and adds an unexpected twist to eggnog. Distilled from high-quality Idaho potatoes, Bakon Vodka is smooth and slightly sweet with a well-rounded flavor. About $30.

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Bacon-flavored vodka

Healthier cocktails

It’s OK for your guy to enjoy a drink here and there, but make sure he’s getting his vitamins, too. has created a multivitamin specifically for people who enjoy alcoholic beverages. $10 and up (try a free sample!).

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Energy trail mix

Bear Naked Peak Energy Trail Mixes are made for active dads. Available in cranberry almond, chocolate cherry and pecan apple flax, these trail mixes are filled with natural, energy-boosting ingredients such as fruit, seeds, nuts and whole-grain granola. $3 each.

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Bear Naked Peak Energy Trail Mixes

Steel cup

We love singing along to “Red Solo Cup” with Toby Keith, but we also want to be considerate of Mother Earth. The Nau stainless-steel pint cup is an eco-friendly, permanent version of the beloved red cup. The steel keeps the chill longer than the average glass mug, and the durable material won’t break during travel. $39 for a four-pack.

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Nau stainless steel pint cup

Cleaner, safer cars

Imagine how much stuff he’s lost in the crevice between his car’s console and seats. You can bet he’s swerved to retrieve a phone or other object dropped while driving, too. The Drop Stop wedge stops things from falling into the Bermuda Triangle of the car, keeping your man safe (and his car spotless) for just $20.

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Drop Stop

Moustache fashion

If your man sports a ‘stache, then The Moustache Grower’s Guide is the perfect gift for him. This handsome and humorous fashion guide offers tips for growing 25 cool, classic moustaches. Just $10.

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The Moustache Grower's Guide

Better back scratcher

Nothing says “we’ve got your back” like a quality back scratcher from Back Scratcher World. From the laser-engraved hardwood back scratcher to the fabulous Back’leth™ Klingon back scratcher, you’ll find the perfect gift for the man in your life. $10 and up.

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Back'leth™ Klingon back scratcher

Tube socks?

They haven’t been in style since the 1970s, but now, tube socks are back… with a message. Gumball Poodle has introduced a colorful line of fun tube socks with your guy’s interests at heart: bookworm, heavy metal, nerd, vino and more, about $10/pair.

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Gumball Poodle socks

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