Make over your man’s skin care routine

Slapping on a little bit of face wash in the shower is about as close to a skin care routine as most guys get; something about beauty products screams “girly” to men. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Check out these five sneaky little tips to completely revamp your man’s skin care routine and make him feel macho.

Woman shaving her husband's face

Purchase one product at a time

If you’re going to overhaul your man’s skin care routine, start small, says Becky Sturm, CEO/founder of StormSister Spatique and 3waybeauty. Ease him into the process. Don’t overwhelm him with an entire cabinet full of expensive new beauty products, or your plan will probably backfire. That, or he might begin to think you have some serious control issues — either way, not good.

Look for two-in-one products

Men are all about simplicity, so find products that do double duty, says Sturm. That’s a much easier sell than trying to convince him to test out two fancy new products of which he’s never heard. “Say something along the lines of, ‘Look honey, this shave soap also makes a great body soap,’ then demonstrate for him if you need to.” Scott-Vincent Borba, celebrity esthetician and author of Skintervention, agrees. “Have him use the same moisturizer or shave balm he’s already using as his hand cream,” says Borba. “Don’t even bother buying him a another one. Just an extra dab will make his hands feel softer, but not supple.”

Lend a helping hand, literally

No guy is ever going to complain if you get a little hands on. Make him want to incorporate a little moisturizer into his morning routine by rubbing in the cream for him or giving him a quick, mini facial massage he’ll never forget. “Men tend to not moisturize their skin during the winter, so it gets very dry and rough,” says board-certified dermatologist Rebecca Baxt, M.D. “A moisturizer with SPF 30 is perfect for after shaving. It’ll make his skin feel nice and soft — perfect for all those holiday kisses.”

Clean up together

Chances are, you and your man probably shower together. Next time he turns on the water, turn up the heat and get clean together. “Use a washcloth with soap or face scrub to scrub the front and back of each other’s hands. This will exfoliate the skin, take off grime and allow moisturizers to penetrate better,” says Borba. “Make sure he also scrapes his nails on the bar of soap to dislodge any excess crud stuck underneath.”

Shower him with compliments

Last but not least, shower your man with praise. “The easiest way to get a guy to do something is to compliment him,” says Borba. “If you tell him he looks good when his skin is moisturized, nails cleaned and clipped, etc, he’ll most likely try and keep it that way.”

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