Tips for reconnecting with faraway friends

Losing touch with old friends happens to us all. We build strong friendships in high school, college and even at the workplace, only to lose them as our lives change. Going away to college, changing jobs and moving across country can make it difficult to maintain close friendships. Luckily, with today’s technology, it’s easier to reconnect with faraway friends and keep those bonds strong. Don’t like technology? You can still stay connected through simple means, too. Here are some tips for reconnecting with faraway friends.

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Use video chat to keep in touch

Using a free video conferencing service like Skype is one way to reconnect with friends who live faraway. You can actually visit online and see each other face-to-face, which is much more personal than a phone call. It also allows you to share special events together like children’s birthdays and holidays. If you have a group of friends who want to visit all at once, for a small fee you can sign up for group video conferencing and visit with everyone. Try setting a time once a week when you can video chat so you don’t get too busy and lose touch again.

Keep in touch with social networks

Social network sites like Facebook and Twitter have made it so much easier to keep in touch with people you know all over the world. You can set your page for friends only so your personal information isn’t displayed for all to see. Share photos, videos and let people know what you are doing by occasionally posting to your wall. Chatting is also part of the free service — see who else is online when you are and start up a conversation. Social networks make keeping in touch with old friends easy and fun.

Start a blog with your friends

Today it is easier than ever to start your own blog for free and add your friends as users, too. You can set the blog to have a password so only you and your friends see the content. All your friend users can post photos and videos and share what is new in their life. With a blog, you won’t get bogged down with pop-ups and advertising like you do with social networks — the blog is completely about you and your friends. You can post at your convenience, so this is an easy way for busy friends to stay in touch.

Send a round robin letter

For those of you who would rather not use a computer to stay in touch, try sending out a round robin letter to faraway friends. You start by writing a letter sharing what is new in your life. You can even send along photos. Send the letter to the first friend on the list, who will read your letter and then add news about her life to the envelope, as well as any photos. She then sends it to the next person on the list who also adds to the letter. Each person adds news to the letter and the last person on the list sends it back to the original sender to read. Then you can start all over again. Once you get your own letter back, you replace your part but keep sending the rest of the letter forward in a circle. A round robin letter is a fun and easy way to keep everyone updated while creating a written history of your friendships.

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