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Simple fabulous holiday makeup

The holiday season has arrived and all women want to feel a little glamorous at festive soirees. The key is to pick one area to focus on (for example, smoky eyes with nude lips or red lips with simple eye makeup). Here are some ideas to dazzle your makeup without feeling over-the-top.

Dazzling holiday makeup


Try shades of black and silver

This color combination looks great on almost any skin tone and adds instant allure with its depth of color and smoky feel. For easy glam, sweep a silver eyeshadow across your lids followed with a black eyeshadow in the crease of the eye and outer eyelid (be careful not to extend it further than your lash line otherwise it can smudge and look like raccoon eyes). Finish by using a small angled brush to line the top and bottom lids with the black eyeshadow. By using the powder and not regular eyeliner, it will give a softer, more sensual look.

Glimmer with gold

For a lighter, brighter look, try sweeping a gold or champagne shadow across your lids. Avoid a harsh look by using dark brown eyeliner and mascara instead of black, which can be too much of a contrast with the lighter eyeshadow color.

Try a brightening powder or illuminator

A brightening powder contains light reflecting pigments and mica to not only brighten the face (or certain areas), but they also camouflage the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Use these sparingly under the eyes, along the tops of the cheeks bones or décolleté to add a subtle sheen to your skin.

Flaunt fake eyelashes

Even a few individual lashes can change the look of your eyes. For flirty, festive eyes, try applying a couple of lashes to the outer corners of your eyes. Follow with a dark liner to hide the application line and a few coats of volumizing mascara. The volumizing mascara will thicken up the rest of your lashes for eyes that pop.

Use blotting paper at parties

Everyone wants to look good all night, and for some people that can mean frequent trips to the ladies’ room to “powder your nose.” Instead of applying additional layers of powder, which can look cakey by the end of the night, try using oil blotting paper. Be sure to use them correctly; gently dab, do not rub the sheets on your face. If you rub the sheets on your face, you will actually remove your makeup.

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