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The fashionista’s ultimate Black Friday survival guide

Black Friday, aka the ultimate shopping day of the year, is right around the corner, and we’re not leaving any details to chance. If you’re anything like us, you’re gearing up to get some fantastic deals, but don’t forget to leave the house prepared. Check out our top shopping tips on how to survive the most exciting shopping day of the year and you’ll be ready to shop ‘til you drop!

Fashionable woman shopping on Black Friday

Clothing comfort

Today is not about looking fashionable, my shopping buddies — it’s about scoring the fashionable deals. Who cares if you look tired or sloppy as long as you come home with your hands full of deals? Not us. To help you look at least somewhat presentable, we’ve come up with the perfect Black Friday ensemble. Wear this and you’ll be hitting all the right deals.

What to wear on Black Friday

Basic T-shirt: If you’ve ever tried on something on Black Friday, you know that time is key. You’re not going to get in and out of the fitting room if you’re wearing your fave button down blouse, ladies, so throw on a simple yet stylish T-shirt — we like this cute set from H&M ($18 for two T-shirts, — for quick clothes changes.

Light sweater: Even if you live in a cold climate, forget your coat today, darlings. A bulky winter coat is only going to get in the way and let’s face it, the malls are going to be so filled with bargain-hunting chicks like you that you’re going to get hot. Do you really want to lug the thing around when you’re also carrying tons of bags? We think not. Bring along a light sweater — like this chic one from Express (, $50) — that’s light enough to stash in your purse but warm enough to cover you up while running in and out of the mall!

Black leggings (, $13): Leggings are like the perfect child that jeans and tights created: They have the support of jeans, yet they can also double as a layering piece, like tights. Throw on a pair of black leggings and you’ll be able to see how that cute top you find would look with jeans (something you can’t do while wearing tights) or how that chic dress will look with tights (kind of hard when you’re wearing bulky jeans).

Flats: Comfort is key today and you’re going to want a pair of shoes you can run around in and slip in and out of in a hurry for any last minute shoe testing. These faux-fur lined flats from (, $34) offer enough support and comfort to do just that.

Beauty strategy

While you might make an effort on a normal trip to the mall (hey, you never know if you might meet a potential suitor, right?!), Black Friday is not for the high maintenance at heart. Today is all about scoring deals, not guys, ladies, so don’t waste precious time putting on a whole face of makeup.

Here are your three beauty essentials for this most sacred of shopping days:

Black Friday Makeup

Cleanser: Your best beauty bet is to wash your face (not even Black Friday can get in the way of our strict skin routine) before heading out to the malls. Try The Body Shop’s Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash (, $14).

Tinted moisturizer: Rub on a bit of tinted moisturizer with SPF (never forget the SPF) before heading out. You don’t have time to apply a full face of foundation, gals, but you want to protect your skin from the sun. Trust philosophy’s Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer (, $38) to make you look alive.

Concealer: Before leaving the house, swipe on some under-eye concealer (after all, you’ll likely not have slept too long if you’re hitting those early bird specials), and you’ll be ready to go! We love RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-up (, $36).

Shopping tips


After surviving many a Black Friday shopping excursion ourselves, we figured we’d pass on some shopping tips and survival wisdom. God speed, ladies!

Yes it’s on sale, but will you really use it?

Sure, that sweater is on sale for dirt cheap, but is it your style? Would your money be better put towards an item a bit more expensive but totally you? Just because an item has a big red sale sticker on it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for you, so buyer beware.

Avoid the dressing room like the plague

We know, we know, there are always items that pop up on Black Friday that you fall in love with and haven’t seen previously, but for the most part, avoid the dressing room. Save yourself time (the lines will be long) and hassle (really, do want to try on 10 items when you’ve got 15 other stores to hit up?) and try on whatever you can in the days leading up to Black Friday so you’ll have an idea of what size you’ll need when you find that perfect item on sale.

There’s strength in numbers

Thinking of going it alone this Black Friday? Think again. Bringing a buddy with you can help in major ways. Just think about it: If you’re stuck in a line that wraps halfway around the store, who’s going to scout out the deals in the next store? How are you going to carry all your fab deals? Travel in numbers this Black Friday and you’ll be thankful afterwards.

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